Happy Sunday!

Good Morning Beautiful People! Tune in at 10:00am for a live video broadcast from Destiny Family Center! Every service is archived on our website, just in case you cant make it for 10am. I just finished praying for you guys to have a super day!! So do that… have a super day and I will […]

A Friend Falls 50 Feet Rock-Climbing… And Lives!

Good Morning Beloveds, Just wanted to let you guys know that tomorrow morning, my very good friend is going tell his amazing story of survival at Destiny Family Center. While Jon Higginbotham was rock climbing at Ravens Roost on the Blue Ridge Parkway a few months ago, his rope broke sending him crashing to the ground from a […]

Wake up! It’s Black Friday!! O My Gosh!!!

Good morning frenzied shoppers… My blog will be short this morning. For those of you who need more bloggage, please go back and read a few missed episodes. (I love comments) Yesterday was so much fun… I have the best family! Ate way too much just like every Thanksgiving. But hey, its the only day […]

Thanksgiving: Giving of Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving Blog Family, I think it’s so amazing that America still has an entire 24 hours dedicated each year to the giving of thanks! Could you feel the excitement in the air this morning as you woke? All across our land, people will be saying THANK YOU all day long… or at least they should […]

A Humbling Confession

Happy Morning Friends, Wow, what a difference a day can make! This is longer than usual… and VERY WORTH all 5 minutes of your time. Today, I have the creativity of a thousand artist! You want to know why? Because, after posting yesterday… I prayed myself through to a PROFOUND VICTORY! And how glad I am for it! […]

Help! My Creativity is Hibernating…

Good Morning Everyone! Wow, I woke up early today as usual… did my extravagant Bible reading routine… tried to have an extravagant prayer time… opened a blank blog page to start writing today’s exciting message… and realized that my creativity was still asleep! I mean, this is so scary… even with all the amazing things […]

Goal: Say Thanks 1000 Times in 7 Days!

Good monday morning everyone! I’m having laptop “issues” today, forcing me to post from my iphone. Hope it turns out ok! 🙂 Yesterday was another great Sunday… And I’m ready for another great week. Since it’s thanksgiving week… I’m cranking up my jubilation level and I’m going to celebrate my blessings all week! Want to […]

Disinheritance: The Very Sad Story of Reuben

Happy Sunday World, I woke up today at 4am, came into my family room, put on my earphones with some old Kent Henry Worship… and started my reading for today. I began in 1Chronicles… and when I hit chapter 5, my eyes were watering up at a sobering illumination. I’m going to make this short and simple… so read […]

Chocolate is an Affordable Luxury!

  Cocoa Mill, Lexington VA Happy Saturday Friends! Since it’s the weekend, I thought to give you something “light” and relaxing! Last night… Emily, Heaven, and I went to the most amazing chocolate store! It’s called the “Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company” and their website is http://www.cocoamill.com just in case you decide to bless yourself or […]

Fantastic Friday!

Good morning world! This is it… the final work day in our PERFECT week! Finish strong today… do something FUN and restful tomorrow… and GO TO CHURCH somewhere on Sunday to launch your next perfect week! Even if you have to work on Saturday and Sunday… make sure you do something CRAZY FUN on Saturday to de-stress yourself from […]