A Friend Falls 50 Feet Rock-Climbing… And Lives!

Jon @ UVA Struggling to Recover

Jon @ UVA Struggling to Recover

Good Morning Beloveds,

Just wanted to let you guys know that tomorrow morning, my very good friend is going tell his amazing story of survival at Destiny Family Center.

While Jon Higginbotham was rock climbing at Ravens Roost on the Blue Ridge Parkway a few months ago, his rope broke sending him crashing to the ground from a height of 50 feet! Amazingly, after more than a month in the hospital… Jon has not only lived through this near death experience, he and his family have grown in untold ways… untold, until now! Tomorrow morning, Jon and Wendy will share their story with us live and unedited… all the gory details and the amazing message of HOPE and GRACEthey found through this hardship. Don’t miss this historic service… believe me, everyone will benefit from it!

So, bring your tissues and make your way out to Destiny Family Center for this very special service! The DFC Praise & Worship Team, led by our very own Rob and Michelle Powers will get the celebration started @ 10:00am… so don’t be late if you can help it. Oh, and we broadcast LIVE for anyone who cant make it in person! Just go to our website @ www.destinyfamilycenter.com and follow the live broadcast link… it’s that easy!

Have a super Saturday… on this Thanksgiving weekend! We love you guys and we are praying for you again this morning! Cant wait for tomorrow!!

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3 thoughts on “A Friend Falls 50 Feet Rock-Climbing… And Lives!

  1. Hey Chuck, did I read something wrong or did you say we start at 10:30? its 10am, everyone will be late if they show up at 10:30.
    I know you ate too much LOL !!! thats all it is. ~ Vik