Chocolate is an Affordable Luxury!


Cocoa Mill, Lexington VA
Cocoa Mill, Lexington VA

Happy Saturday Friends!

Since it’s the weekend, I thought to give you something “light” and relaxing! Last night… Emily, Heaven, and I went to the most amazing chocolate store! It’s called the “Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company” and their website is just in case you decide to bless yourself or someone you love! They are located in Lexington, VA.

The owners have been coming to our church for several months and they invited us out for a tour of their operation… had to be one of the funnest experiences ever! We got to look at the molten chocolate basins (dark and light chocolates spinning around in a glorious flow)… they showed us how truffles are made… we held a TEN pound chocolate bar… got to see how the finished products are packaged and shipped… and we sampled and sampled until we almost thought we had gone to heaven!

Cocoa Mill, Lexington VA

Cocoa Mill, Lexington VA

No wonder these guys are world renouned for their amazing chocolates! Their kitchen was so CLEAN… their chocolates were the best we have ever tasted! And trust me, I know chocolate! Since Emily and I have traveled so much over the years, we have tasted chocolates from many countries… even Switzerland and Germany. And Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company stands above them all!

When I called to schedule our visit (1-540-464-8400), I loved their slogan… “Chocolate Will Make Any Day Better!” Yeah, I know this isn’t as spiritual as you may have hoped for today… but our experience last night was! The owners are Christians… and we three Balsamo’s smiled from ear to ear over the entire trip home! Coree, you missed it! 🙂

Even though the website is a little out of date… and world class chocolate is a little pricey… all my friends should indulge yourselves with a visit to Cocoa Mill sometime before you die! If you live far away in some distant land… place an order online! They do amazing customized chocolates for company gifts… they even make chocolate boxes to package the chocolate treats!

That’s it for today… I will see some of you at church in the morning… and others I will see on the live video broadcast (… have a SUPER SATURDAY!!

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate is an Affordable Luxury!

  1. Speaking of chocolate, I have eaten way to many M&M's today and feel a little nauseous. I would probably have enjoyed reading this a little more on an empty stomach! Anyway, it's been my pleasure to check out your new spot. Man I am soo excited about what God has for your future! To think that it is gonna be far greater than we all can even imagine! I am just happy to be a part of it all! You and your family are just great and we love you all sooo much! Your dedication and commitment does not go unappreciated! Love you guys! Hope you all have a restful evening!!! Psalm 103 for me : )