Fantastic Friday!

Good morning world!

This is it… the final work day in our PERFECT week! Finish strong today… do something FUN and restful tomorrow… and GO TO CHURCH somewhere on Sunday to launch your next perfect week! Even if you have to work on Saturday and Sunday… make sure you do something CRAZY FUN on Saturday to de-stress yourself from anything that may try to carry over into next week. Tomorrow night when you go to bed, this week is OVER! So, then all day Sunday… celebrate like a crazy person over all the blessings you’ve received this week. (Don’t forget to memorialize the blessings of your week!) Then spend the rest of the time, advancing God thanks for the next amazing week of your ever improving super amazing life!

I read something really powerful in 1Kings today… chapter 21 was talking about King Ahab, calling him the most evil King in the history of Israel! Verse 25 says this… “No one else so completely sold himself to do what was evil in the Lords sight as did Ahab, for his wife, Jezebel, influenced him.”

Notice that HE SOLD HIMSELF COMPLETELY… and that he didn’t do this on his own. Ahab was INFLUENCED by someone close! In chapter 17, we see that Ahab started to worship other gods on the day that he married his wife. This is because Jezebel was a worshiper of Baal and she INFLUENCED her husband to do the same.

The message for us in this very sad biography is this: Be very careful selecting the people you enter into covenant with. Be loving and kind to everyone everywhere… but when it comes to your bubble… BE SELECTIVE! Surround yourself with people who will INFLUENCE you positively… and don’t ever settle for less. If you want to be wise, walk with wise people. If you want to be compassionate, spend time with compassionate people. If you want to be influential and do something big with your life, spend as much time as you can with influential people. And beware… because if you spend time with prideful people, you will most certainly become prideful… if you spend time with perverts, you will become perverted… if you spend time with dead beats, you will become dead beat.

Influence happens slowly… many times, too slowly for most of us to recognize. This is why we must be intentional about WHO we bring into our circle of influence. I have been so blessed over the first third of my life… having spent time with so many beautiful people!

I pray that this blog is the kind of influence that leads each of you into untold greatness. Happy day my Friends!

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6 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday!

  1. I love the look and layout you changed to. It's very user friendly. Excellent message too!
    What was the picture of the melted ice cream thing?

    I posted a few pictures on my new blog if you want to check them out. I have not worked on the layout or design yet and actualy still have work to do to complete the vision of my pictures in my head to the paper but you will see what I mean when you view them. I have it sketched out and written down just not designed in photoshop yet.

    I love how you are daily blogging your reading of the bible.