Help! My Creativity is Hibernating…

Creativity Sleeping

Creativity Sleeping

Good Morning Everyone!

Wow, I woke up early today as usual… did my extravagant Bible reading routine… tried to have an extravagant prayer time… opened a blank blog page to start writing today’s exciting message… and realized that my creativity was still asleep! I mean, this is so scary… even with all the amazing things I read this morning and all the eventful things happening in my life these days… I am BLANK!

This only happens to me about once every few months… and I hate it! So, what now? Should I just come to grips with the fact that I may have to be like this until my creativity decides to come out of hibernation?

Why does our creativity just disappear on us like this… and in the moments we need to be most creative, we draw big fat blanksLet’s look at my current creativity crises and see if we can work through this together. Yesterday was the suckiest day I’ve had for a while. All day long, one wierd circumstance after another… and Mondays are supposed to be my day of rest. Wait a minute… maybe this slump started before yesterday and I’m just now beginning to recognize it. On Sat night, apparently some vandals started a fire on our church property and burned a neighbors storage shed down… and that’s stressful! The only reason we have a church here in this community is to be a blessing… and when something like this happens it breaks my heart.

Church was ok on Sunday and Bible College was fair as well… I felt only slightly off my game. And then yesterday! Had a bad writing day… I think I ended up with minus 2 pages by nightfall! We went to dinner to pray over a church family’s business… and my prayer line felt like it had been DISCONNECTED! Ever been there?

Kent Henry ( taught me years ago, that creativity killer number one is VOJ (the Voice of Judgement). When we feel like harmed our neighbors and they might not be thinking happy thoughts towards us, or we are carrying the guilt of some past sin, or we’re not happy with a few of our recent performances… these become the VOJ that chases our creativity into hibernation.

The happy part of this story is that we can rise above this at will! The Bible says in Romans 8:1, “There is therefore NO CONDEMNATION to those who are in Christ!” So right now, I SILENCE the VOJ over my life. I chose to spend the rest of my day soaring above the fear of people, self condemnation, and anything else that tries to sedate my creativity!

So, good morning CREATIVITY… RISE AND SHINE… get up sleepy head… its a beautiful day and you’re not going to spend it locked up in a dark room! (I know I’m so weird sometimes… but its fun… and it works!) I’m feeling better already!

Once I post this blog, I’m going to pray for all you guys to awaken your creativity just like I awoken mine. Have a super day… and don’t forget to be thankfull for 167 things before you go to bed tonight!

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2 thoughts on “Help! My Creativity is Hibernating…

  1. Wow–you must have been in my head the last several days! Thanks for the encouraging light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel. Creativity truly unlocks the flow of God in our very souls–no wonder the enemy tries to deflate us! I am really glad you set up a blog site–you have always been quick to relate your struggles and your triumphs! Thanks again for being a bright spot on a bleak, blustery day–Kristin

  2. Kristin Via… I love the choice of words "being a bright spot on a bleak, blustery day!" Wow!!! Thats a most outstanding arrangement of words! And thanks again for the encouragement!