Extravagant public displays of affection! :)

Good morning friends! As you know, I’m reading through the Bible in 66 days. Started 10 days ago and I’m on page 268 of my Bible. Good news! After calculating out the numbers, I realized that I’m on pace for hitting the finish line on day 36! It’s always fun to demolish a personal goal! […]

Wake Up… It’s WILD Wednesday!! Oh Yeah!!

Good morning all my blog fellows and fellowetts… Take a look at this fun photoI snapped with my iphone yesterday and tell me what it is. Tell me what you like and dislike about the photo. And tell me where you see yourself in the photo. Be creative and let your imagination run wild. Today is WILD Wednesday… some people refer to this as […]

Prayer Reveals the Heart

Good snowy morning blog people… 🙂 Ok, so it’s not really a snowy morning… just a light dusting. I’m just doing with this “light dusting” what Jesus did with the 5 loaves of bread and the 2 fishes. He lifted up the little bit that he HAD and he gave thanks… and miraculously, the little bit was MULTIPLIED a […]

Our First Full Week Together!

It’s Magnificent Monday my blog buddies… The second day of your perfect week! Yeah, actually Sunday is the first day of our weekly calendar even though Monday is the first day of the work week. So, you’re already one day down… how did it go? How was your SUNDAY? Mine was AMAZING! As you know, I always spend the first […]

Marathon Journal & Message

  Good morning my blog family of 5… We’re still growing! Yesterday was a blast! Some really good quality time with Emily… don’t want to bore you guys… here’s a few highlights from the day. 1. Bike on Blocks:(check out this hilarious photo) Ok, so on our way to the starting line, we passed by this […]

Running a half marathon with Emily…

Good morning my blog family of 4… we doubled in 24 hours!! The race starts at 7:30am… will publish some pictures later on. In the mean time, I want to recommend this snack I ate last night… absolutely divine! Emily picked it up at Target for our road trip… and I consumed way too much of it […]

I’m Reading the Bible in 66 days

One day a few weeks ago I prayed to God in my office as I do each morning and afternoon. I wanted God to increase my influence at home and in the nation. During this prayer, I accidentally committed myself to something big. Before I could think, I said, “Dear God, I don’t care what I have to do. […]

Starting my Blog Family!

Ok… here I am, ready to create a fan base for my upcoming book! As I sit at my desk thinking about all my future blog pals, I crack a smile and lean back in contentment! So, over the next few weeks… and months… and years…  I’m gonna start posting random blogs about my life and […]