Thanksgiving: Giving of Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving Blog Family,

I think it’s so amazing that America still has an entire 24 hours dedicated each year to the giving of thanks! Could you feel the excitement in the air this morning as you woke? All across our land, people will be saying THANK YOU all day long… or at least they should be. Throughout this day, we will say thank you to each other, thank you for our blessings, thank you to God, thank you for our health… and thanks for everything good in our lives. I bet we as collective Americans will say thank you 500,000,000 times today! I hope so!!!

Here’s my super duper thanksgiving advise for you guys today… say thank you more than any Thanksgiving in your history. Tell every person in your circle how special they are… let them know that even though they may get overlooked from time to time in cold world… that they are not overlooked by YOU! Warm up their hearts with your extravegant appreciation! Explain that you sincerely believe you would not be where you are today without their assistance. Look real hard, and you will find something worthy of thanks in every person. Then take the courage to open your mouth and SAY IT with PASSION! Everyone needs to hear thank you a whole lot more!

Look around your blessed life… even if you are going through a difficult time, as so many people are these days. Locate your blessings… every material and non-material blessing in your life. Trust me, there are THOUSANDS of them… look in any direction and they will start showing up.

This “THANKS-GIVING DAY” don’t get distracted away from your real mission. Don’t allow parades, or piles and piles of delicious foods, or football games, or hunting… or anything else keep you from EXPRESSING thanks!

As I close… I just want to say how thank FULL I am for my life! I have the BEST WIFE I could ever wish for! I have BEST son and daughter I could ever wish for! I have an amazing family… an amazing church… amazing friends… an amazing life calling… amazing health… an amazing future… and more than a MILLION other things to be thankful for today! The sun isn’t even up yet and I am OVERWHELMED with THANKS already! This is going to be my best thanksgiving ever… because I am going to inventory my blessings ALL DAY LONG!

The Balsamo’s love you guys and we are praying for you this morning! Until tomorrow, God bless you for all… and God bless the USA!!

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: Giving of Thanks!

  1. It's been a great day of many "Thanks" and reading your post now adds a special treat to the close of my day. Thank you for being such a blessing in our lives and in the lives of so many others.

    We truly are blessed and Thankful to be where we are in life at Destiny and part of what God has for us there.

    Until we tune in tomorrow…. Be blessed ~ Vickie