Wake up! It’s Black Friday!! O My Gosh!!!

Heaven & Me @ the Richmond 10K

Heaven & Me @ the Richmond 10K

Good morning frenzied shoppers…

My blog will be short this morning. For those of you who need more bloggage, please go back and read a few missed episodes. (I love comments)

Yesterday was so much fun… I have the best family! Ate way too much just like every Thanksgiving. But hey, its the only day of the year when we can EAT and EAT without feeling guilty. I am thankful for the 20,000 calories I consumed… they were all so very delicious!

I have a great shopping tip for all you black Friday shoppers…

It comes out of a speech I always give my daughter when she is going out. Since Heaven is so HYPER ACTIVE, from the time she was a toddler I’ve given her this speech several thousand times! Here’s the speech, “Heavenpay attention to the way you are actingand every once in a while ask yourself, “Heaven, am I being too hyper? Do I need to calm down?” Now that she is a teenager, we laugh as she recites that old speech back to me with absolute precision! Of course, these days I am using a different speech… the teenager version! LOL

So my speech to all you guys today… if you should find yourselves with a buggy brimming over… “Blog Buddie, ask yourself, “Am I being too hyper? Have a lost control? Do I need to CALM DOWN?”

I guess what I’m saying is this. Please, don’t be HYPER like the rest of America and spend a bunch of money you don’t have. Yes, be kind and loving and express your gifts of love to family and friends. Just don’t go more overboard than you are capable of going. Be very careful not to get caught up in the heat of the momentremember the speech and have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!

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