Letting go of 2008 :)

Happy New Years Eve Friends, This is it, the last day of a very challenging year. Are you going to be able to let go of the failures and shattered dreams of 08 in order to move into 09 with FRESH VISION? Letting go is so important. Life can be very discouraging at times. And no matter how […]

Take Nothing Except Your Faith

Happy Eve of New Years Eve Everyone! Had a phenomenal day yesterday! God I love my family! We went ice skating in Charlottesville and had an amazing time. Coree played tag with these two little professional skater kids. At least they seemed professional! These kids were amazing… and Coree humored them so well! It warmed […]

John the Baptist and Political Correctness

Happy Monday Friends! Make sure you check out yesterday’s blog, and record a few comments on your 2009 New Years Resolutions! Over the past few mornings I’ve noticed a few things about John the Baptist while reading in the New Testament. Here are a few clips from the book of Mark 1:4-6… “This messenger was John the Baptist. […]

2009- Nine Equities Life Management System

Update: Click here to read or print the 9 equities handout Good Sunday Morning Everyone! Church begins at Destiny Family Center in ONE HOUR! Today, I’m going to take our people through my “2009- Nine Equities Life Management System”… its gonna be amazing! If you cant make it in person, watch the service LIVE on […]

Now That’s A Servant! :)

Happy Saturday Everyone! All fattened up from the holidays? Exercise is the solution! Put on your walking shoes… do a little stretching, and walking, or jogging… maybe go on a hike… and trust me, you will feel so much better for it! So, phone up a friend and get outside… take in some fresh air… get your heart […]

The Battle of the Waffle Makers :)

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all had a super Christmas. Mine was amazing! I’m so thankful that my kids still cherish the holidays now that they are so grown up. Yesterday, I noticed how much they were in the moment while with each other, with Emily and me, and with all the rest of […]

Another Beautiful Christmas Has Come :)

Merry Christmas Friends! I’m up praying and reading my Bible before my family awakes and our beautiful day TOGETHER begins! It’s so quiet in my family room this morning. All I can think about right now is how much I love my family… and how much I thank God for them! Any moment now, Heaven […]

Happy Christmas Eve :)

Happy Christmas Eve Friends!! Announcement: The pig has decided she doesnt want to be called Cinderella… so we have changed her name to “Lillian!” Sorry for the very late post today. My computer was almost broken beyond repair… and thanks to my new friend Ibrahim from india, it is in recovery! Wow… you guys are […]

Cinderella Balsamo… Our Newest Potbelly :)

Happy Tuesday Blog Pals! Urgent Blog Site Announcement: the www.chuckbalsamo.com version will undergo quite a few changes over the next few days. These changes will add more features to the blog site and make your experiences far more enjoyable. Until then, you can still visit www.chuckslife.wordpress.com for the original version… and yes, the snow is still falling there! […]

Road Trip… Going to Pick up Heavens Pot Belly Pig

Happy Christmas Week Friends! Church was so much fun yesterday! Then all afternoon Heaven, Emily and I googled our little fingers off, searching for Heavens one and only Christmas present this year. She’s been practicing her Bible College “Principles of Faith” skills all year… and once again, I am powerless under the influence of her amazing faith! Just like the time she […]