2009- Nine Equities Life Management System

Update: Click here to read or print the 9 equities handout

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!

Church begins at Destiny Family Center in ONE HOUR! Today, I’m going to take our people through my “2009- Nine Equities Life Management System”… its gonna be amazing!

If you cant make it in person, watch the service LIVE on our webcast… and if you can’t do that, watch the archive sometime this week. Just head to www.destinyfamilycenter.com and join in with us on our New Years Resolution Service!

After the service, come back here to this share your personal goal setting thoughts with the rest of us. With your permission, some of these comments will be read live at next Sundays service. 

Thanks for participating… your setting yourself up for the year of your life!

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18 thoughts on “2009- Nine Equities Life Management System

  1. What an amazing concept. We need to be accountable to one another. What better way to share our goals than on a blog. I believe this blog is going to bring a lot of comments and discussion.

    I have been reading a book by Randy Alcorn called Safely Home. It is fiction, but has so many real aspects. One of the things that really caught my attention was how old friends reconnected and one helped the other to see how much the other needed Jesus. Just the other day I started reconnecting with friends from high school. Today on my blog I prayed that God would use me to lead these friends to Him.

    Another goal is to build a relationship with a family member. We love her so much, but the relationship is strained.

    My third goal is to continue in Beth Moore Bible Studies. I finished The Psalms of Ascent and I am so ready for more.

    My next goal is to be less sarcastic. My scarcasm is just too much at times. I need my mouth brideled.

    I will continue on my journey of being a great teacher. I love teaching and reaching out to my students. My goal is to connect more with their parents.

    I love people so much, but I often don't serve them as I should. I pray that God would help me to step up and help others even when it is uncomfortable for me to do so.

    Wow…….thanks for this awesome experience. I am going to repost this on my blog so I can continually discuss these goals and how they are coming along.


    I just thank you for opening my eyes, ears, and heart to the areas I need to work on in me. You are the only one who can help me to do this.


  2. Alighty lets see how things go here…

    1) Spiritually

    I'd really like to get my book done before june. Since I'm off from work and everything I think God's trying to work with me and give me more experience that will help me develope things more in detail. I'd like to be able to be stronger in my faith when things get rough. with everything that's been going on recently it's been really hard and my mom has been pushing me along when it's usually the other way around. So I'd like to be able to make my faith stronger.

    2) Physically

    So, my goal is to lose like 60-70 lbs this year. Which isn't that hard for me to do it's just a matter of doing it. I wanna go to the gym every morning. I know it's just going to take me getting up and doing it. My dad has been really worried about my health due to my weight and I really wanna get my weight down for myself and that's one less thing he has to worry about 😀

    3) Family

    Obviously I have an amazing relationship with my mother but I would really like to get something closer with my family in NC. I know that going down there is only like twice a year it seems like but something in me really wants to have a close relationship with my sisters. Not to mention I would like to start getting things prepared for my own family……

    4) Financial…

    haha oh boy.. well lets start with a job. But my job is going to have amazing pay so I can bless others more than I ever could before. I'm a gifts person. I love giving people things. So I'd like to be able to give more than just something small here and there. In other words my job is going to be rockin!!!

    5) Career and Calling

    Well I'm not 100% sure where God wants me to go with my life right now. There is a lot of things I could do. I'm working with kids now and I'm blessed to have so many kids teaching me things in life. I really wanna finish my book and see what happens there but I'm not sure what Gods plans are. So I'm going to have to press in there and figure out what in the world the big man wants me to do 😉

    6) Contribution

    Well see how much more I can be doing in the media room and be able to work the booth in the front has been great. I love chilling there and listening to some tunes and answering the phones. I wanna be able to do that more depending on what kinda job i end up getting. I'm also looking into doing some sort of CD for myself.


    Oh man, ummmm. Positive. I'm a very negitive person and a whiner… I know who would have thought?! I alwasy think the worst of situations because it's easier to just be hurt in thinking the worst than getting my hopes up. I was watching house the other day and someone said something that really hit home with me. Something on the lines of I would rather have loads of faith in someone and be disappointed a few times then thinking the worst of all people and never being happy with them. Something like that. But I've always thought the worst of people and never been very positive in situations.

    8) Education

    I'd love to get into bible college when God tells me too. There are a few classes I would love to take at blue u. I really have a passion for psychology and children. So I want to take a few classes in psy and maybe childhood development. There's also another class that I really wanna take that I have to do a LOT of prayer about.

    and 9) Experience

    Well well well. I'm hoping to get some music videos done for Michelle in the near future or do something like that for church and see what I can come up with. I'd love to take some more day trips. I love driving to Fredericksburg and just watch people for the day. They amaze me. Not to mention its a huge help with acting skills. Or just go to the mall and walk around. Something either small. I want to be able to just turn my phone off and not worry about whose calling or who I missed. I just want to LIVE. Experience life and enjoy the time I have. I'm challenging myself to do Karaoke at least 2 times a month. Something to get me out of my comfort zone. 😀 Believe it or not… I am quite the youngin haha…


  3. The very first thing I thought about when I read your question about goals was I want to be a blessing in everyway possible. The second goal is when I get up in the morning, I want to remind myself that my top priority today is "love". I feel that love should be our top priority for everyday. If we acheive this then all of everything else will fall into place. I just want to be a blessing and if love is my top priority than I will be a blessing and a vessel used by God.

    God bless,

    Terri Johnson

  4. I sat down and completed my "Nine Equities of Life" form last night. I have a lot of work ahead of me this year. But, I feel very focused. Thanks for having us do that!

  5. Hey Debba… loving your goals! It gives us a peek into your heart and a beautiful picture of where you are going. Dont forget to set deadlines… and impliment a specific plan of action. 🙂

  6. I love that you take the time to lay out these goals for us and display them to us in such a teachable way. I wanted to complete mine when I could fully devote all my attention and thought into it so I'm finally now finished 🙂

    For me, I would have to say my most important one is to be fully present with whoever I am with. Life is too short and people matter too much. My category in the experiences section probably has the most goals. I want to see us as a family doing the things we once did which was a lot of camping and things like that.

    A scene from one of my favorite movies comes to mind where on "My Best Friends Wedding" when Julia Roberts is on the boat with "Michael" and they are dancing to the song "The Way you look tonight" he tells her that kimmi says if you love someone you need to tell them and tell them right then or the "moment passes you by" . That scene to me describes moments in our own lives that we miss when we could show someone else love or compassion. In our own close family relationships those moments do pass us by quickly whether we act by word or deed.

    I am looking forward to the new year!

  7. I was in childrens church so I didnt get a paper.But I did set goals I think for the first time ever!!!I think everybody wants to lose weight so thats a given! I want to run 3 marathons this year and the turkey trot on thanksgiving. I so want a move of God in my life! This year will be a year of change because Coree will graduate high school!!!!! So thats crazy talk! I want to try new places to eat and learn to cook new things,that taste good !! Most important I want to grow in my relationships with my family!! And the last goal is to find a loving home for Lilly ,that of couse is the first thing to do this year!!!!!!

  8. Emily… You are the one that helped get my 2009 goal setting underway! What got into you this year? You're personality type is absolutely anti-goal… and thats what I love about you! Yet, this goal setting frenzy your caught up in right now is VERY ATTRACTIVE! (I am allowed to say this since Emily is my WIFE). 🙂

    Three marathons?????????? THREE!!!

  9. This helped me. I sent a link from this site to my branch manager with United First Financial, so that he can consider adding it to his weekly Saturday training on goal setting.

    Using these 9, I structured a goal countdown.

    9. Family – Make my wife feel special with a gift and a date each month, and pray with wife daily.

    (the rest is posted at http://jonathanwoodard.com under the New Year's Day entry)

  10. So how are we doing on our new years resolutions?

    I hear every once and awhile from the family member I am trying to reconnect with. I am still seeking God on how to reach her so she knows with out a doubt that we love her.

    As a teacher…..I learned a hard lesson this week. I learned that I cannot fix everything as a teacher. I learned that 100% I must go to God with all of my students and He will teach me how to reach them. I learned that there will be times that I must let go of a student and let God fix the situation. I am connecting more with parents and it is amazing. God is faithful. God is making me a better teacher each day.

    I finished another Beth Moore Bible Study on Breaking Free. I realized on was holding on to things that I had to let go. Since I have let them go I have been living more freely in Christ and able to see people as Jesus sees them.