Cinderella Balsamo… Our Newest Potbelly :)

Cinderella Balsamo

Happy Tuesday Blog Pals!

Urgent Blog Site Announcement: the version will undergo quite a few changes over the next few days. These changes will add more features to the blog site and make your experiences far more enjoyable. Until then, you can still visit for the original version… and yes, the snow is still falling there!

Long and MEMORABLE day yesterday… yes it was! Now I can see why God told the Israelites to stay away from these creatures. We drove all the way to Kentucky for this? Have we lost our minds! We finally made it to the Chevron Gas Station where the drop was going to be made… we arrived a little early, so I cleaned the inside windows of the suberban and listened to Heaven go absolutley hyper active as her curiousity had reached its all time pinacle!

The pig lady hadn’t told us what kind of vehicle she was driving, and she hadn’t given us a cell phone… so we stood on lookout for an old farm use pick up truck. Then, to our utter amazement, vvvaarrooooooooommmm! In came a NEW BABY BLUE MUSTANG up on two wheels… out stepped our petite pig breeder, all decked out like she was on her way to the Greenbrier! She popped the trunk, passed us our little piggy, collected the cold hard cash, gave us a few farming tips, and off we were… heading for home with the worse buyers remorse of our lives. Not Heaven of course… she kept saying, “isnt she so cute…. awww, look at her daddy… i love my cute little piggy!”

She eats like a PIG! Loud and sloppy… just like me! 🙂 I must say that she’s not as cute and cuddly as we were hoping her to be. Oh yeah, she has a cute snout and maybe a cute curly pink tail… she has an attractive grunt and an adorable squeel when anyone picks her up for the first time. I’m just not sure thats enough for me to deem her a cutie yet.

Right now, she is in a very LARGE storage shelter IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR FAMILY ROOM. What have we given into! She’s only been here one night and she taking over already! All morning long, while I was trying to read and pray… all I could hear was grunt grunt grunt! Then when I politely requested for her to PLEASE grunt more quietly, she gave me that look like she was HUNGRY! So I gave her the food dish and… slop slop slop slop slop… slop slop slop slop slop… “please, chew with your mouth shut CINDERELLA!” Yeah, that’s what Heaven is naming this happy hog… Cinderella Balsamo!

Have a super day everyone… Cinderella and I spent lots of time grunting and praying for you guys and gals this monring… have fun, chat with you tomorrow!!