Another Beautiful Christmas Has Come :)

img_0597Merry Christmas Friends!

I’m up praying and reading my Bible before my family awakes and our beautiful day TOGETHER begins!

It’s so quiet in my family room this morning. All I can think about right now is how much I love my family… and how much I thank God for them! Any moment now, Heaven will come running down the stairs yelling, “It’s Christmas everyone!” She will go back up the stairs to wake Coree up… she’ll stick me with walking the dogs… AND Lillian the pig! I will go in to the bedroom and have the pleasure of viewing Emily’s Christmas morning smile. She is the most fun person in the entire world to spend Christmas with! Emily is worth a million gifts to me!

I’m so happy to be a Christian on Christmas day… every year, it means so much more! Where would I be without my savior? Truly, I am a firebrand snatched from the flames of hell… and the savior of the world has saved my life! Today, I thank God for the warmth he brings into my heart… for the way he causes me to appreciate the most important things in life… for the humility he gives that makes me likeable… the compassion I feel for others! He brings all of this to my life!

Think about the “Savior Effect” upon your own life this Christmas Day. How significantly is the savior of the world impacting your beautiful life these days? It’s awe inspiring to consider such things!

From the Balsamo’s to the most amazing blog family on earth… may you have the Merriest Christmas ever! Try not to place too much emphasis on the gifts or lack of gifts laying under your Christmas trees this year. Be so careful not to overlook all the gifts of LOVE coming at you from all your family and friends! All day long, let everyone know how special they are to you… spend lots and lots of time smiling and taking in the beauty of this most wonderful time of the year. God bless you all… chat with you tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Christmas Has Come :)

  1. By the way… You guys like my photo mastery today? That’s a picture of this amazing modern ornament the huffers gave us. I held it up with my patio in the backdrop in the morning sun light. Hope everyone had an amazing day!

  2. Pastor our family has taken your words to heart. You knowing our situation we decided as a family that we would not let the devil win. We didn’t dwell on the negative and we looked at the wonders of Jesus around us today. Jesus blessed us with the gifts and he blessed us with family to spend the day with and he is going to bless us in the new year to come. We are so blessed to have your words of wisdom and fun everyday. Thank you for taking the time to let us in your life a little.

    • Your family has sustianed mine through your relentless intercession and your continual acts of service! The amazing kindness you have shown my family will not be forgotten… God will reward you during a time that it will seem like he is nowhere to be found! He is working his greatest wonders for you guys during this time! So, cling to him and keep seeing your circumstance with spiritual eyes. Your faith is an example for all of us! 🙂