Happy Christmas Eve :)

Lillian Balsamo

“Lillian Balsamo”

Happy Christmas Eve Friends!!

Announcement: The pig has decided she doesnt want to be called Cinderella… so we have changed her name to “Lillian!”

Sorry for the very late post today. My computer was almost broken beyond repair… and thanks to my new friend Ibrahim from india, it is in recovery!

Wow… you guys are really loving Lillian huh? Thanks for all the comments. The pig jokes are rolling in! I must admit that yesterday morning was a very stressful time here at the Balsamo residence! We actually got on the phone and started searching for someone to take her off our hands. We even worked out a deal with Heaven that we would get her a puppy if she would let us sell the pig. She agreed, but only for a few hours.

As the day went on, Lillian proved just how badly she wanted to be in this family! She’s has not gone to the bathroom in the house… not even once! After she figured out that we were going to take her outside at potty time, she hasnt even gone in her pig palace. I know its hard to believe, but this gal is already potty trained!

Emily and I gave Lillian a bath yesterday to help her smell better. Since she came out of a barn, she stunk like a pig! The bathing task was a memorable experience… Lillian jumping straight up in the air and doing backflips… and squeeling like we were turning her into little sausage links! But after day one, Lillian is going potty outside and she smells like a rose… maybe she can stay. I did say maybe! 🙂

On a Chrismas note… the Balsamo’s wanted to wish all you guys a very Merry Christmas Eve! We hope you have the time of your lives hanging with all your special people! Whatever it takes, express your love as passionately and creatively as you ever have before. All over the world, people need love this year much more than ussual!

I read the book of Matthew this morning and came away with a beautiful FEELING. It’s the desire for more HUMILTY in my life! I realized while reading, just how humble Jesus is… and all I can think about since then is how much I want to be like Jesus this Christmas! When this came over me, I rolled over onto my knees and prayed, “Please God, help me not to be self absorbed over the next few days. Please help me to make a very big difference in someones life… by all means possible.” Pray this prayer and aim for the best Christmas of your life!

Thats it for today… we will chat tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Eve :)

    • My Dad, Fred, Helen, Jake, Lacey, Amber, Lauren, and Sam are coming over for dinner at 7pm… I’m pretty excited about that! Hope you all have a phenominal Christmas eve!!

  1. Lillian…great name change. Just the other day I too was asking God to help me to not be so self-centered. Humility is what we all need. JOY….Jesus Other Yourself. I pray we continue on this journey as we become perfect in Christ.

  2. I like the name change also. As far as livestock in the house, that’s where I draw the line. Maybe you need to read Cloud and Townsend’s; Boundaries with Pets over the holidays?

    • Yeah Des, that's where we once drew the line as well. I'm really scared about what could be next… now that the boundaries have been removed. This pig has a super cool factor about herself… she's really cute. It's just still a little freaky having a PIG inside my house. We are very clean people and washing our hands 20 times a day is drying out or skin way too much! 🙂