John the Baptist and Political Correctness

john-the-baptistHappy Monday Friends!

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Over the past few mornings I’ve noticed a few things about John the Baptist while reading in the New Testament. Here are a few clips from the book of Mark 1:4-6…

“This messenger was John the Baptist. He lived in the wilderness and as preaching that people should be baptized to show that they had turned from their sins and turned to God to be forgiven. People from Jerusalem and from all over Judea traveled out into the wilderness to see and hear John. And when they confessed their sins, he baptized them in the Jordan River. His clothes were woven from camel hair, and he wore a leather belt; his food was locust and wild honey.”

In today’s world of tolerance, people like John the Baptist are labeled as haters. His message was way too strong for the people of his day… not deluded enough for many of them to desire it. He was fearless in the face of his persecutors. His presentation style was not “rockstar” at all. He would not have been considered culturally relevant… was not a trained entertainer. He spoke raw truth straight from the Gods mouth. John was Gods prophet preparing the way for the earthly ministry of Jesus, the savor of the world!

John was despised far more than he was cherished. He was only “popular” because he was so controversial. Sinful people gnashed their teeth at John right up until the moment they chopped off his head to shut him up. Despised of many humans… yet Jesus testified of John, that there was no prophet to ever walk the earth who was greater than him!

When I read about John, I acknowledge how political correctness has domesticated the prophets of this hourso much that we really have no voice… no influence in today’s world! So many of us have become far too NORMAL… we fit in to our godless setting so perfectly… and nobody is really hearing our messages anymore. I wonder what would happen if the prophets of our day became like the prophets of old… not fearful of anyone or anything except the God to whom they belong.

I long for a day when every Christian breaks off the chains of their domestication… and runs wild again! A time when society is turned upside down again! A time when we are heard, and appreciated because of the power of our undiluted message… a message that has the ability to fix the very real problems of our day!

Wow… that’s a heavy message for Christmas vacation huh? Call me strange… but I love the passion it stirs! Have a super day… chat with you tomorrow!

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11 thoughts on “John the Baptist and Political Correctness

  1. Bingo. It is sad to see the word "Repent" slowly disappearing from the modern church lexicon as the true gospel about sin and judgment is being replaced by a false gospel of "self-esteem" and "purpose". Gary Gilley nails the problem.

    "The old gospel was about an offended God; the new gospel is about a wounded us. The old gospel was about sin; the new gospel is about needs. The old gospel was about our need for righteousness; the new gospel is about our need for fulfillment. The old gospel is offensive to those who are perishing; the new gospel is attractive."

  2. As an engineer, let me go with a geeky analogy. Where I work, I use a wide range of frequencies to do my job. I've got stuff in the microwave band, I've got stuff in the infrared, then there's everything in between. I think God uses different people throughout time to do specific jobs. Noah and John the Baptist were pretty much alike. They both preached their guts out and had bad endings. Then there's guys like David and Solomon who were in touch with their feelings. Can you imagine David going to a "John the Baptist" church or John attending a "David" church?

    My point is that if you look at the ultimate Christian, Jesus, he embodied all the colors of the rainbow with respect to reaching others. On one end, he's holding kids on his lap and talking about the meek; on the other, he's dropping tables on scammer's heads to cleanse the temple.

    I know in my own denomination, some folks are reached by the John style where you hear end time prophecy stuff but others are touched by the non confrontational worship/relationship stuff.

    The cool part is that Jesus knows how to reach each of us in our own way.

    • Very well spoken Des… When i wrote this blog today, I came very close to covering your angle. Time got the best of me and I left the thought half spoken. I agree with your comment wholeheartedly… Jesus is our role model… his ministry style is the one we're aiming to emulate.

      In todays blog, I'm not calling for Christians to become judgemental jerks in the name of John the Baptist. That is a real turn off to me and to the rest of the world.

      I'm suggesting that too many of us have been tied up in a spirit of political correctness… keeping us from being direct enough to make a lasting impact on this emboldened society.

      A few months ago, I taught about the arrogance of the religious church and how sinners are not affraid of facing a holy God as much as they are petrified of being thrown at the feet of an arogant church.

      Jesus is loving and compassionate… and mercifull and forgiving. He is a humble servant. And we should do the same. I want to do the same in my own life and ministry.

      Thanks again for the clarification Des!

  3. All true. But whether or not the preacher is John Style or David style, the message itself must remain the same. The true gospel must confront the sinfulness of man, the judgment of God, the atoning work of Christ, and a call to repentance. Any other message is not the gospel.

    A couple of links that may be of interest…

    Elements of the True Gospel

    John the Baptist: Seeker Sensitive Version

    Messages that promise "a better life", or "better relationships" may build churches, but do not save souls (plus they are not true). One cannot feed goat food to goats and change them into sheep.

  4. Are prophets welcome into the church or are they silenced because they aren't as soft spoken? Would we even know a prophet if we heard one? I ask these questions not to offend, but to continue in the discussion.

    All too often we don't want our feathers ruffled and that is exactly what a prophet will do. We must pray for prophets to be able to enter into their calling without being silenced. We must pray that we are prepared to have our feathers ruffled.

    I know I used to ignore the hard questions of my life, but it halted my relationship with Jesus. I had to move forward in my relationship therefore I asked God to reveal truth to me.

    It was not easy, but God saw me through.

    I don't think we talk to each enough about the meat issues of our relationship with Christ because we are so afraid we will offend someone. I have come to the way of life that I would rather be offended then walk in the dark.

    • As I mentioned in my comment to this post… I believe the balance is this: as Christians, we are supposed to remove the plank from our own eyes first… and then, with GREAT HUMILITY we can HELP our fellow man remove the speck from his.

      So many times in my own life, I have seen the light in some obscure area of my heart and I have changed my actions as a result. Then, if I'm not very careful, I will start to look down on others who have not yet seen this same light. I am patient with myself… giving ME decades to change… and impatient with others, giving them less than one hour.

      So, my goal in life and ministry is to declare Gods pure truth with TREMENDOUS humility… offering people the same hope and mercy God has afforded me.

      To do this, I will need to have the courage to present truth… no matter how much it collides with popular culture. And I want to deliever this truth with the same compassion that Jesus delivered his. 🙂

  5. Hey
    Chuck I read your blog about John the Baptist. Good stuff The days off being a coward are gone. Somebody from Church I won't mention any names, But this person was at a conference somewhere and it was on aids. This person saw the people that were behind the Homosexual agenda. This person said "I do not want to be on the wrong side of these people". If we're afraid of people then we're serving another god.

  6. You're so right. Thanks for the aha moment. There are things that I too get aggrevated about that are not true, but it took 20 some years to get through to my heart and I just think if I mention it to someone they should just get it.

    My question now is….are there somethings that we should be ferverently (sp?) to be revealed to others?

    Also….don't you believe there is less time for the truth to be revealed than when it was revealed to us? I know God is the only one who can reveal these truths, so that is why I asked the prayer question.

    Thanks as always for pushing us deeper into conversation about our relationships with Jesus.

  7. Yes, You're right we should be praying. I have to confess I lack that. Of course we all do. Yes I believe that in light of this being the earths final days.