Take Nothing Except Your Faith

Coree the Ice King

Coree the Giant Ice King

Happy Eve of New Years Eve Everyone!

Had a phenomenal day yesterday! God I love my family! We went ice skating in Charlottesville and had an amazing time. Coree played tag with these two little professional skater kids. At least they seemed professional! These kids were amazing… and Coree humored them so well! It warmed my heart to see the smiles Coree put on their faces as he gave it everything he had and 20 plus minutes to tag them back. I pray that your holidays are still going well. Even if you are back to work, take time each day to make life FUN!

This morning I read something about faith that cranked me up! Jesus called his 12 disciples together and he gave them spiritual authority. With this authority, Jesus sent the 12 out 2 by 2. He told them to go through the region with this spiritual authority… to heal the sick and rescue people from the control of demons! What an EXCITING mission! It’s the very same mission Jesus gave to the church and still available to each of us today!

What’s cool about this rescue mission… is that Jesus sent them out with NOTHING except their FAITH! Here’s exactly what Jesus said to his 12 disciples…

“He (Jesus) told them to take nothing with them, except a walking stick-no food, no travelers bag, no money. He told them to wear sandals but not to take even an extra coat.”

Yesterday, I mentioned how political correctness has stolen away the influence of our voice. Today, I’m suggesting that we go back to our roots and pick up the FAITH that our forefathers used to MOVE MIGHTY MOUNTAINS and do impossible things! Mountains will still move and miracles will still happen… for the man or woman who FULLY RELIES on Jesus for everything!

God will provide… he will protect… he will give us great success, when we BELIEVE for it. Maybe we should try to live more like Jesus told his disciples to live when he sent them on this rescue mission. Certainly, we must do the natural things… like work hard, and dedicate an balanced portion of our attention to the 9 equities of our lives. I’m just wondering how much better things would go for us if we demonstrated similar faith. Could we get the same results if we placed far more emphasis on the part of our success that God brings to the table?

Have another super day my friends! God bless you all! Chat with you tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Take Nothing Except Your Faith

  1. faith should have been my first name and oooohhhhh how true what you say it can and will move mountains.. i am a firm believer in healing with faith this year my #1 goal is to approach life with a more positive and spiritual outlook..beat the flesh part of my body up and rebuke the enemy attacks and press forward to serve others with my heart and soul..read more of his word and grab ahold of every blessing i can give and recieve..acknowledging the true word he gives me each day and upping my praise and especially bring more people to him to know and love him as i do..you put all things in such a good prospective of understanding and real life stuff…thanks and be blessed for this new year of 2009 will be the best year of faith ,service to him and getting this community in line with his word yikes i just cant wait to see this explosive year come—-pam

    • You are right about that Faith Myers! Your faith is beautiful to everyone… every time I run into you… I get a sudden burst of optimism! You are a mountain mover… and you are a healthy happy person! 🙂

  2. You mean to tell me you want me to go out and do with just my faith in Jesus? Of course I am being sarcastic here. I finished the book Safely Home by Randy Alcorn and the main character in the book lived on faith alone. He ended up imprisioned, but he was joyful about it.

    I never knew Watchman Nee was Chinese until I read this book. I really didn't know much about him just that he was a Christian. The books makes a few references to him. So, I said Randy did you know Watchman Nee is Chinese and you should have heard the laugh. LOL. So, today I got on the internet and researched Watchman Nee. Now, you talk about a man living on faith alone…WOW.

    You're right we need to heed Christ's words and follow them because our faith in a nut shell is all we have!!!!

    Thanks again for another great blog.