The Battle of the Waffle Makers :)

The Belgium Waffle Mix

Jeff & His Belgium Waffle Mix

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a super Christmas. Mine was amazing! I’m so thankful that my kids still cherish the holidays now that they are so grown up. Yesterday, I noticed how much they were in the moment while with each other, with Emily and me, and with all the rest of their relatives. There is nothing greater than knowing that your kids WANT to be with you… and they are having the time of their lives in your presence! As I get older, I cherish these moments!

I have to tell you guys about something VERY funny that happened to us yesterday. We were in Richmond with Emily’s HILLARIOUS family! Every time we get together, there is non stop laughter all day long! The wit of the Wall family is absolutely off the charts! Yesterday, it was at its best for sure.

Emily’s brother Jeff was grinning as we walked through the door… as he does every year. His little mind was already working away; scanning the entire situation, searching for the bloopers… it’s a very scary thing to fall prey to a grinning Jeffrey! On from Jeff, I glanced over my right shoulder and there is Emily’s brother Wayne… we shake hands, he cracks a little smile, his mind also very active. I just knew that we were all in for another holly jolly Christmas Day!

Ok, now that you have a little Wall Christmas background… here’s the 2008 situation. It was gift exchange time and everyone was tearing into their gifts… exchanging heartfelt thank you’s and hugs and smiles. We scaled back a little this year and all the attention was on the kids and Millie and Merle (Emily’s mom and dad.) A few weeks ago, Emily and I went on a hunt for Millie’s requested “waffle maker.” She had told us that she wanted the one that flips over after you insert the mix… the kind they have at the hotels. So we found it of course and Emily really felt like she had a winner!

It was finally Millie’s turn to open her gifts from the children. The dogs and Lillian the pig were roaming the floors and sniffing each other… the kids were still fired up at the gifts they had just opened… and I looked over at Jeff, and then Wayne… and they were poised like two hound dogs sniffing for their next victim! I must admit that I was trying not to make any obvious mistakes. I was trying very hard to fly under their radar as long as I could. Emily smiled real big, walked over and handed Millie the special gift we had wrapped for her… just knowing that this was the thing she really wanted!

So Millie unwraped the long awaited waffle maker and expressed her appreciation to us… we felt like real champs for about TEN SECONDS! Then it was Jeff’s turn… he made his way across the living room floor and there it was… the GRIN HAD POPPED! Ught oh… what was he picking up on… was it me? Had I just made a fatal mistake… the one that he would bring up again on family vacation in JULY?

Jeff handed his SUPER SIZED BOX to Millie and glared deviously over at Emily, then to me. This was not good… what had he gotten her that was making him strut so aggressively? Millie ripped off the paper and guess what she found? The GOLIATH of all WAFFLE MAKERS! I mean this thing was GINORMOUS!!! Emily and I looked over at Jeff, like a scolded puppy… and if that wasn’t enough humiliation, he was holding another wrapped gift in his hand about the size of a box of waffle mix! Yup, that’s exactly what it was… the mammoth waffle machine to trump all other waffle machines AND a box of waffle mix!

Who knows how this tragedy came about… some say that Emily’s other brother Dave had told Jeff that Millie wanted the waffle maker, while Millie had HINTED it to us directly. Either way, we laughed about it for the next few hours and the story will live on for many years to come!

Hope your day was as FUN as ours! And I hope that the rest of your holiday is blessed! Even if your holiday cheer is a little late getting started… there is still plenty of holiday left! The Bible says that laughter is like medicine… so don’t be grinchy when there are a million reasons to laugh your head off during this Merry season! Love you guys, chat with you tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “The Battle of the Waffle Makers :)

  1. Well atleast if one of the waffle irons needs a rest they can use the other one. Laughter is a wonderful thing and I experienced much laughter being in the Williams’family. They are hilarious.

    • Yeah… she tried to make us feel ok by saying that she could use one in Richmond and the other in Stuarts Draft, since they spend half their time in each location. 🙂 Have a happy day Nuala!