B Inspired :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAc4N_drTXU&feature=related Happy Saturday Everyone! Isn’t that video INSPIRATIONAL! This guy Cody Jacobs posted it on his facebook and it rocked me so much I had to pass it on to my loving bloggers! It’s superbowl weekend guys and gals… wooot wooot wooot! We’re watching it on the BIG SCREEN at Destiny Family Center… party starts at […]

Vision: Entire High School Turns To God

TGIF Everyone! The weekend is HERE… and I hope you have some really fun plans! Relax, experience something NEW, and come to church @ Destiny Family Center on Sunday @ 10am! Our youth group is going to Richmond this weekend for Acquire the Fire… check out these two promotional videos… the first one is for […]

It’s Storytime Everyone!

Happy Thursday Everyone! If you’ve been reading the comments to my recent blogs, you will know about a teenager named Hettie. Every once in a while someone comes along and BLOWS ME AWAY with their story. Hettie has that kind of story! It all began with a tiny little Hettie… and I knew this Hettie when […]

Winning From Behind- Against All Odds!

Good Morning Everyone, Bad day turns into bad week… but its not over YET. Today, I want to encourage anyone that’s ever been against all odds! I think you’re gonna LOVE IT… There is always a solution… always a way out of anything that threatens our survival. No matter how dark and dreary life may […]


Good Tuesday Friends, Had a very discouraging day yesterday and I’m in my office this morning hoping to pray myself out of the slump it’s attempting to create. I figured the SNOW would lift me some… and it is… only slightly so far. I love snow… and I thank God for sending it TODAY. I just don’t know if […]

Stories From The Streets Of Washington DC…

Good Monday Everyone! I’m in my family room listing to a Kent Henry Worship Instrumental… feeling pretty overwhelmed with God’s love right now. How can I explain moments like these in human language? Every once in a while, the reality of God sweeps through my heart and mind… my eyes water, a tear slowly make […]

A Secret To Fruitfulness and Prosperity :)

Happy Sunday Friends! I’ve very sorry for the delayed posting of yesterdays blog… I forgot to hit the PUBLISH button! I pray you’re having a great weekend… don’t forget to catch Destiny Family Center LIVE on the 10am webcast today! The DC Homeless Outreach was AMAZING! I’ll blog about it tomorrow morning. My simple thought […]

Video: Now Is The Time… For Us To Shine

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAjEklCbSSM&feature=related Happy Saturday Everyone! I’m walking the streets of Washington DC today feeding the homeless, preaching the Sunday morning service at DFC,and instructing “New Testament Survey” classes at Life Christian University all Sunday afternoon. So I’m not going to be able to give you guys my normal bloggage blessings! Check out the DFC LIVE webcast […]

Bigger Challenge, Better Training, and Braver Accountability :)

Happy Friday Everyone! Another weekend is almost here! I hope you all have amazing plans. This would be a great weekend to experience something NEW. So, be creative, get off the couch… and do something you haven’t don’t before! Take a random drive to some town you’ve never been to before, have lunch and then come home. Go […]

My Son Replies To My Text :)

Happy Thursday Friends! If you have kids… if you have teenage kids… then you know how difficult it can be when they start desiring friends and movies, and bowling, and football games, and going to concerts… WITHOUT YOU. Fortunately, my family has remained VERY CLOSE through these teenage years… and we still spend lots of […]