Bigger Challenge, Better Training, and Braver Accountability :)

peak-fitnessHappy Friday Everyone!

Another weekend is almost here! I hope you all have amazing plans. This would be a great weekend to experience something NEW. So, be creative, get off the couch… and do something you haven’t don’t before! Take a random drive to some town you’ve never been to before, have lunch and then come home. Go to a nursing home and spend a few minutes with a lonely old lady. The idea here is to break the monotony of boring routines… trust me, you’ll love it!

If you’re really looking for adventure, join us for the Washington DC Homeless Outreach. We’re leaving at 5am from Destiny Family Center, should return at 8pm. Call my office for more details. Oh, and if you’re interested in donating to this outreach… we will LOVE YOU FOREVER. Just call my office @540-337-2216 and we’ll process your donation over the phone. Please pray that tomorrows DC Outreach is the BEST ONE EVER! We’re pretty energized around here… counting down the hours! 🙂

I wanted to share with you guys, the 2009 Destiny Family Center Leadership Mission Statement: “This is the year of building a professional and dependable teamwork leadership through bigger challenge, better training, and braver accountability!”

Notice a few key words in this statement: professional, dependable, teamwork… challenges, training, and accountability! Them are 6 lively words… as some folks say it here in these parts! (LOL) I’m passing this on to all my blog pals so that you also can benefit from our motivating leadership statement.

Bigger Challenges: This is a year of discovering, accepting, and carrying out bold (achievable) challenges that keep us far more dependant on God!

Better Training: This is the year of mastering ministry skills through lead meetings, training sessions, one on mentorship, and self assessment!

Braver Accountability: This is the year of doing what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it… better than we say we’re going to do it!

Read over this mission statement 7-10 times today and think about how it applies to your own life? Is this your year for BIGGER CHALLENGES, BETTER TRAINING, AND BRAVER ACCOUNTABILITY? Are you ready to break away from the boredom of simple routine and take on a selfless challenge that bounces you out of bed in the mornings? Are you willing to be the student this year… are you highly committed to the aggressive development of your talents… are you eager to turn your natural abilities into refined SKILLS? How about ACCOUNTABILITY… is this your year of NO MORE EXCUSES? I certainly hope so! It can be… and it will be… as long as you keep reading my blogs everyday!! I’m here to help… so love me for it!

Pray for the success of our Outreach… have another amazing Friday… leave a bunch of exciting comments today… chat with you guys later!

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8 thoughts on “Bigger Challenge, Better Training, and Braver Accountability :)

  1. Your thoughts and ideas are taking root in me already in many areas of my life for church and

    personal goals. Just yesterday for example on the personal level we were trying to think of

    vacation plans and keeping it simple but fun and we usually stick with what we know but… now

    we are looking at a theme park/road trip in Ohio! I'm all for adventure but Bo USUALLY has to

    go with what he knows. So, thanks! This is fun!!

    The DC Trip is awesome and amazing for those of you who may be thinking "oh I want to go, should I follow them along" YES! We went last year and would be going again this year if it weren't for our plans already to go to acquire the fire with the teens next weekend. I am pumped about that too!

  2. Yes Pastor Chuck, your words are also burning in me as you speak them! I am growing closer to God daily as I open up to my Pastor here in North Carolina about ideas I have! And tomorrow morning as you all are traveling to DC for an outreach, I am tagging along with another church from down here and going to Charlotte for training to go into prisons and minister. I am very excited about this and feel God's calling and blessing. I will pray for your safe and successful trip to DC!

  3. i am fired up, stoked and more than ready for this dc outreach..the leadership meeting was the best i have been to in several years..accountability is a honest word for get it in gear nowwwwww… and we all have to do this to grow ,learn and serve our faithful lord,this will also be my first outreach and even kevin is going..yeah..steppin up to the plate to my amazement we are excited thanks for the words of inspiration wed night at our meeting you are the bomb that ignights us all we truely love you all sooooo much–pamalamadingdong!!!

  4. Hey everyone… im in washington… using a new apple air at the apple store! Wish it was mine!! Just though I would drop and say thanks for all the comments today… you guys are SUPER PEOPLE!!! Chat later… 🙂

  5. Hey Pastor, I'm praying for you guys and so wishing we could have went too this year!!! Tell

    my crazy Potter friends whom we love (well we love them all but you do know which ones are the

    "crazy ones right") LOL Im kidding- Tell them Hi and wish we could be there with them too!! see you tomorrow!