My Son Replies To My Text :)

skittles-louisiana-2003Happy Thursday Friends!

If you have kids… if you have teenage kids… then you know how difficult it can be when they start desiring friends and movies, and bowling, and football games, and going to concerts… WITHOUT YOU. Fortunately, my family has remained VERY CLOSE through these teenage years… and we still spend lots of quality time together. But as a parent it’s never quite enough for me. I LOVE MY KIDS and when I am off work, there is nothing and no humans that I would rather be with then Coree, Heaven, and of course my wife Emily! ūüôā

Heaven is far more expressive then¬†Coree…¬†when she comes through the doors, it’s like a mob of 1000 walked in with her… hyper activity gone wild!¬†Heaven texts me about random things in her life…¬†she calls me a few¬†times day… she plops down beside me in the family¬†room and talks about everything happening in her world… and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Coree is more quite than Heaven. Oh¬†yes, he has his hyper moments… and he’s the comedian of our family, always making us belly laugh about something!¬†But he’s not a words guy like I am. He¬†only calls when he has a question or a request… never¬†texts me¬†about random things… doesn’t even return¬†the texts I send to him. Every week,¬†I send Coree texts about how great of a son he is… and how proud of him I am… or about how I am praying for him… and never get anything back…¬†NOTHING.¬†Just SILENCE… UNTIL¬†this TUESDAY!!!! ūüôā

The glorious moment began on Monday night,¬†we all went to watch a friend from church play basketball… and Coree took a date… real nice girl! Of course he¬†asked to drive my car because he was conveniently low on gas.¬†At the game, Kaylyn had a bag of¬†Skittles… I LOVE Skittles! So¬†on Tuesday morning I got in my car and guess what Kaylyn had left in my¬†drink holder? Half a bag of Skittles!! So I texted Coree and said, “Tell Kaylyn thanks for the¬†Skittles!”¬†Of course he knows that¬†Emily and I are in training for a few marathons this year and Emily¬†smacks my fingers when¬†I touch candy! So this was a BIG DEAL!

About 20 seconds after the text… guess what! My glorious INCOMING TEXT sound went off on the phone… COULD IT BE? Did¬†I just receive a REPLY FROM MY¬†BELOVED SON? Yes!! Coree replied to my message… and he said, “LOL!” Just three letters… but it’s a start! ūüôā

I called Emily and¬†told her COREE JUST TEXTED ME… she asked what he said… and I told her…¬†“LOL!” (Laugh Out Loud for all you text illiterate folks) It was such a moment¬†of warmth…¬†the sun shined on my gloomy day…¬†my frown turned into a¬†SMILE… I wet my pants- just kidding! LOL… LOL!¬†This is now one of my favorite phrases… every time I see it for the rest of my life I will remember that REPLY FROM COREE!

Why am I wasting your day with this very personal story? Because I had a¬†spiritual thought about this that I wanted to pass on to you guys.¬†If I get this excited about my sons reply… just a simple¬†“LOL”… how much¬†excitement must God receive whenever we REPLY TO HIM. I think about all the times throughout each day he must be texting us…¬†hoping for a LOL. How many times he does something beautiful for us… he answers a¬†request…¬†and then he watches and waits for his INCOMING TEXT sound to go off.

Let’s respond to Him¬†far more than we do most of the time…¬†talk to God about the random things going on in our worlds… look up¬†a few times a day and say¬†something¬†that will¬†MAKE GODS DAY!

Hope you enjoyed this message… I love you guys and I just finished praying for you. Have a most outstanding Thursday!

Oh, I almost¬†forgot:¬†We’re going on the¬†Washington DC¬†Homeless Outreach on Saturday. If you’re interested in making a donation towards this¬†outreach, please call my office today or tomorrow @540-337-2216 (9-5pm). Your¬†contribution will¬†make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many people! Thanks a bunch!!

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5 thoughts on “My Son Replies To My Text :)

  1. Well that brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face!!! You're right there is nothing like spending time with the ones you love. I know all about that moment when one responds back to you and y ou get so excited. I am waiting for that moment to happen again. But, you are so right we get so busy in our lives that when God is calling us we don't respond. I pray we respond all the time. Thanks for this blog and awakening my heart to never put God on hold or to just let His call go without a return call from me.