Long Live God Almighty :)

Happy Wednesday Friends! I watched and prayed through the Inauguration of President Barak Obama yesterday. The event was beautiful… his speech was very good. I really appreciated many of President Obama’s words… I saw HOPE in him yesterday. It is my prayer that God will reach him and steer his heart AWAY from the far […]

01:20:09 A Day Of History

Happy Tuesday Friends! Well here we are… getting ready to witness HISTORY on this January 20, 2009. I have mixed emotions this morning. On one hand I am sincerely THRILLED to be inaugurating the first black American President! This is reason enough for every American to rise with chill bumps and tears… as the martyrdom […]

Who Really Enjoys Telling the Truth? :)

It’s Monday Everyone… Rise and Shine! I hope you guys had a great weekend… we enjoyed the deep freeze AND the light snow on Sunday morning. If it’s going to be COLD, then LET IT SNOW! The weather prophets tell us that we may receive 1-2 inches today… we can only pray! 🙂 It’s 3:47am […]

6 Days 2 The DC Homeless Outreach :)

Happy Morning and Good Sunday! I hope you guys are coming to Destiny Family Center today… 10am! As mentioned in a few blogs this week… it’s sure to be no less than AMAZING! If you’re not able to bring your beautiful self here to Stuarts Draft, join us on the LIVE webcast! For more that […]

The Deep Freeze… Brrrr!

Good Saturday Everyone! You guys enjoying the DEEP FREEZE? As you can tell… the Balsamo’s are lovin it! Ice formations are so amazing! These photos were taken yesterday from my backyard… thought I’d share some of this beauty with my pals… hope you enjoy! 🙂 I guess my message for today is this: There is beauty in every season… be […]

Getting Ready 4 Sunday…

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qswhu5QyXgU Happy Friday Friends! Thanks for all the great comments yesterday… that was FUN! Light rising in the darkness… thats the topic of this Sundays service at Destiny Family Center! “the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region andshadow of death, on them a light has […]

Teens Led Church Last Night :)

Good Thursday My Friends! My jaw dropped from the start of the service last night, as the teenagers of Destiny Family Center SHINED LIKE STARS! There is no greater measure of accomplishment for a church than to watch an emergent generation step up and stand out! That’s exactly what happened last night! The attendance was abundant… they had […]

Author Gives Me A $4000 Check! :)

Good Wednesday & Happy Morning! So, I’m in my office yesterday working my little buttocks off, right. (The past month has been pretty intense for us… launching the new year at Destiny Family Center is a massive undertaking. So, in order to maintain balance in my 9 life equities, the book had to be put on […]

More on Confidence :)

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! One more time everyone… the image in yesterday’s blog was a JOKE. I sure hope that it didn’t provoke all of you good people to go putting everyone down yesterday! 🙂 I believe as Christians, we are to use our confidence to build others up! This is why it is so important for each […]

Confidence is Attractive :)

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Yesterday was an AMAZING Sunday! Church at Destiny Family Center was UNBELIEVABLE! Hope you were there… and felt the same. The archive should be up on the DFC website soon, for all our out of towners. I will post a written version of the prophecy on this blogsite later this […]