Vision: Entire High School Turns To God

TGIF Everyone!

The weekend is HERE… and I hope you have some really fun plans! Relax, experience something NEW, and come to church @ Destiny Family Center on Sunday @ 10am!

Our youth group is going to Richmond this weekend for Acquire the Fire… check out these two promotional videos… the first one is for Pittsburg (it’s kind of boring aimed at parents), and the second is for New York City (much more passionate aimed at teenagers and IDENTICALLY mirrors our vision for 2009)… I couldn’t find one for Richmond.



It looks like the ATF theme for this year is “Here Comes Trouble!” And it is my earnest prayer that God would start up the FIRE OF REVOLUTION in the hearts of our emerging generations through this tour!

About ten years ago, I had a vision of ENTIRE SCHOOLS BEING taken over by Gods Spirit! I saw a helicopter cam recording high school campuses as teenagers were outside their buildings on their knees turning their lives over to Jesus! In the vision, I heard the reporter saying, “This spiritual phenomenon started up today during lunch when a teenager stood to pray over everyone’s lunch… and what began as a blessing over the food has turned into a high school revolution… classes have been suspended for the rest of the day and EVERY student is being swept into this historical event.” In the vision I knew that I was watching a national news station and this event was inspiring the entire nation!

Every year, I attend the See You At The Pole events and I pray for this vision to happen in my lifetime! I pray for God to inspire our young to be brave with their faith… and for a NEW COUNTERCULTER REVOLUTION to begin!

Please pray for this Richmond Acquire the Fire event, for our teens, and for all teenagers in our land…

Have a SUPER FRIDAY! Chat with you throughout the day…

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7 thoughts on “Vision: Entire High School Turns To God

  1. Good Morning Pastor Chuck!,

    Wow…..that gave me cold chills!!!! It's not always easy being the one to start something or be laughed at for doing it, but as long as it's for God, WHO CARES?!!!!

    I want everyone to know what I stand for and who I serve. As you already know, I am working at a hospital and I just found a wonderful way to do just that. I am going to get some pretty unique scrubs, called "Scripture Scrubs". They have various biblical verses in rather large print on the shirts, and smaller on the pant leg. I was told when hired that it didn't matter what I wore scrub wise as long as it wasn't denim material. However, I anticipate that the first day I show up at work with these on…….I most likely will meet resistance. I am NOT worried, my faith will sustain me, and perhaps it will spark something in the very confused minds of a lot of people I work with. Have a wonderful day and may God bless you all!!!!

    • Thats beautiful Bonnie… we are all walking bilboards for someone or something… and your new scrubs will point to your SHINING HEART! All year long… we want to SHINE brightly with the love and character of Jesus… and people everywhere will desire this light! I pray that God uses you in a big way to BLESS your hospital! 🙂

  2. Hey Chuck

    I am so excited for ATF! I have been waiting so anxiously for these two days to come. Lastnight I went through some spiritual warfare. It was hard but Im getting through it. Im just holding my head up high and praying for God to help me.

    I cant believe I dont have a way of checking your blob for 1 whole day! :/

    Sorry my blog is so short again this morning I just have alot to do!

    Love <3hettie

    Love <3hettie

  3. Hi Chuck; Our teens are going to ATF in Portland this spring. They love it and have a fun time "stalking" their favorite musicians. It's awesome that we can take our kids to such events.