Winning From Behind- Against All Odds!

never-give-up_jpg_640Good Morning Everyone,

Bad day turns into bad week… but its not over YET. Today, I want to encourage anyone that’s ever been against all odds! I think you’re gonna LOVE IT…

There is always a solution… always a way out of anything that threatens our survival. No matter how dark and dreary life may appear at times as circumstances rapidly deteriorate from BAD to WORSE to IMPOSSIBLE… there is ALWAYS a secret doorway well within the scope of our reach… in EVERY game, there is ALWAYS that one LUCKY play that has the power to put a struggling team back in the game. Momentum CAN shift in your favor one more time. As long as you keep on playing the game!

History proves this a million times. Comebacks are so intriguing! They give us a tangible basis for NEW faith. They suggest that we too can still come from behind and WIN OUR GAME!

In this life, there will be many many times that each of us will find ourselves down for the count… AND counted down by every spectator. Every once in a while, even our trusty fans will start heading to the parking garage with heads hung in defeat… hoping to get a head start on the stadium traffic. And there we will be left all alone, wondering if there is ANY POSSIBLE WAY THAT WE CAN TURN THIS SLAUGHTER INTO A RESURRECTION! Can we leverage these historical odds and turn them into a historical win!

The real challenge of every comeback is this: We must never stop scanning our scenario for solutions that most definitely exist!

When Jesus walked up to the tomb of his dead friend Lazarus, all the family was there weeping. They let Jesus know how upset they were that he didn’t get there soon enough. Jesus told them that Lazarus would live again… announcing that He was the resurrection and the life, and whoever believes in him, though he were dead, yet shall he live again! He asked for the tomb to be opened… and he called Lazarus back from the dead. From this, we can know for our own lives and our own life circumstances… that, “It’s NEVER over even WHEN it’s over!”  

So don’t accept defeat as long as there is still time on your clock! Keep your head up and your feet moving… and God will show you A WAY WHERE THERE SEEMS TO BE NO WAY! If you look again… and again… and again… you will most certainly find a way to TURN THIS MESS AROUND! Get up champ… you’ve been knocked down, but not knocked out YET! Get up and fight like there’s no tomorrow… stand for the things worth standing for… don’t get weary in well doing… for you SHALL reap victory in due season if your FAINT NOT!

“We will never back down, never give in and never accept anything less than complete victory.” –President George W. Bush

“Let’s turn this slaughter into a resurrection!” –Chuck Balsamo

Hope this helps you guys the next time you’re against all odds! Have a super day… chat with you later!

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10 thoughts on “Winning From Behind- Against All Odds!

  1. Hey Chuck

    Man I hate to hear about another bad day! But God always has a purpose for everything, even if we dont like it. I pray that God will come and give you a big hug and turn your day and week upside down!

    Good news I talked to my mom and we are going out to eat tonight and I asked her to come to church so its sitting on her heart and I hope she desides to come! I just hope no one over whelms her and she doesnt come back I am trying to take it slow I dont want to over kill it and lose what ground I am gaining! Please keep me in your prayers I am trying with all of my heart to reach out to everyone and I need God there 100%, which I know he is. But I know that when more than one

    gather things happen!

    I talked to Jessica Smith and man was that an awesome conversation! She is an awesome women of God!

    Tomorrow is going to be great I am praying so hard for God to move through me into RHS and make a lasting stay there. Work through me to save so many of my peers! It starts @ 7:45 tomorrow morning in one of the gyms. Would be so awesome if you came. If not I know that would not be your personal choice as long as your with us in prayer!

    Cant wait til tonight, I cant get enough of God! I am so siked about your message! God keeps me yerning for more and more!

    Chuck keep your head up high, the dark cloud over your head wont be there very much longer and the light will shine bright again. Just dont put a cloud over your light, It guides the way of not jsut you but others. Your an awesome guy chuck the Lord is so pleased with you and man do you have a great gift in heaven waiting on you! Keep it up Chuck, LOL! Your doing miracles even if you cant see them!

    Love <3Hettie

  2. Dear Chuck, Very inspiring blog today! God will always bring us through trials and tragegy.

    I'll be praying that better days are ahead! May God continue to bless you "Against all odds"!

  3. Wow Pastor Chuck! You still deliver an awesome message when under the weather (i guess literally since you guys north of us are receiving snow & ice). You do reach so many live's Pastor Chuck-every day. I have to admit, I miss your upbeat and enthusiastic blogs, but we all need our rest and quiet time to listen to God, to focus on Him. Psalms says, .."He leadeth me by still waters and to green pastures…" You are a blessing to so many and we are behind you and we lift you up in prayer as you lift us up. God will pull you up and out of any darkness in His time! Jessica had to remind me of this last night. This past weekend I wanted so bad to attend this training workshop in Charlotte so I could go into the prisons and minister to the inmates. It didn't work as I had planned and wished it would have; and I was hurt and very frustrated. But over a period of time (and especially after talking to Jessica last night) I realized this was NOT in God's plans for me! For whatever reason, He did not choose me as one of those to minister to those in prison. Was I disappointed? Yes! But when I let go and let God, that for me means to completely let go and let God. It's not in His plan for me at this time. He wants to use me somewhere else. So I will keep my eyes focused on Him and follow Him where He will lead me. God bless you!

  4. I read your every blog–don't comment much, but I absorb–like many,many others, I expect, who silently visit your site and come away encouraged–or stretched–but always IMPROVED. I just want to write today and express my profound appreciation for you and what you do with this site; for mentoring through the good days and baring your heart for anyone to see on the not-so-good days…all for the sake of loving people. Because you are an influential figure, your trials may be far more scrutinized than your victories, but by this, your are teaching us the way out of adversity. You exhibit extreme character regarless of adversity. You do not sulk on the one hand or wear a mask to cover up on the other, but have achieved life-learned balance (with a little help from grace!) The spiritual principle I've observed today is simply GIVE. Give your way out. If encouragement is what is needed, then encourage someone. In order to find a solution, help someone find theirs. The quickest way to get somebody to smile at you is to give them one. Thanks for being the driven coach pushing for the very best he knows his team possesses.

  5. AMAZING comments today… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Wow… this is a very powerful post… thanks for making it even better with all your profound content! I pray that each of you have a phenominal night… come to DFC at 7pm… its WEDNESDAY!!!

  6. Ok now you ..I want you to dust yourself off and brush those bad days off

    because God has plans for you even on the bad days. Geez…did I just sound like my awesome

    wonderful pastor hmmmm I do believe he has given me advice similar to that in the past.

    Great message tonight I tuned in from home and it was outstanding. I got some exciting news

    today in two areas that I have been praying about. God is absolutely awesome and I can't wait

    to share the news with you.

    I hope that your day tomorrow is wonderful and remember keep moving forward even the bad

    days only have 24 hours in them. I know that may seem like an eternity at times and I had a

    few of those days a few months back. However, those days seem like a distant memory now and

    one day you will look back on this week and think…was that really Chuck Balsamo Mighty Man

    of God who was having a bad week….and it will be a distant memory.

    God bless you and your family … see you Sunday.

  7. Hey Pastor Chuck, Man have me and ricky had a lot of weeks like this over the past year.

    Talk about a year of pitfalls, job insecurity to job loss, Vehicle woes, Finance woes. One

    month we even had to sell stock to pay our mortgage. In it all God was there and so was his '

    provision. As Christmas approached I started to freak because we had exhausted all means in

    November, to the point that our kids paid for the Thanksgiving meal. That was more humbling

    than I would have wanted, however it was the best Thanksgiving we ever had. You know the

    picture on the calendars and postcards or a norman rockwell painting That was what God

    blessed me with this year. A picture perfect holiday. With the Christmas season starting

    God blessed us even futher. He started teaching me about the unseen answer, The answer that

    isnt there right when you are making a decision. The choice that hasnt shown up yet, The

    option that is there in the waiting. It may sound like simple faith to you but at decison

    time or what you think is the deadline God desires to push our faith further. I was agonizing

    over Christmas and the lack of options and when I said ok God you take it . He showed up,

    money was miraculously found to spend for christmas, My money went further and a last minute

    option saved the season. Our God always has the option unseen. I hope this blesses you and

    encourages many to believe in trusting God with the unseen option.