And the Winner is….

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend so far. Don’t forget about tomorrow morning at Destiny Family Center… 10am… Sunday is upon us and it’s going to be amazing!

Thank you… for sending all your creative header image ideas this week! It’s always fun seeing life as it could be through other people’s eyes. Contest’s like this one invite us into the minds of our friends… and it was super fun for me to catch a tiny glimpse of what is going on inside of your minds! Special thanks to Vickie Rankin for sending her own personal photography… beautiful work Vickie!

Just in case any of you want to look back through each of the submissions, I’m listing them all right here in this blog.

As I mentioned in the contest blog, we were looking for something happy, colorful, and modern that exuded adventure, and the feel of spring. For those of us who made the final decision, it came down to three entries.

And the winner is… submitted by Nuala Williams of North Carolina.

Congratulations Nuala! Please send us your mailing address so that we can mail you your prize! Your image suggestion will be posted as the new chuckslife header in the next few days! Thanks again everyone! Chat with you later and see you tomorrow at DFC!

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6 thoughts on “And the Winner is….

  1. Wow, I truly wasn't expecting to win!!!! Thanks for selecting one of my choices of pictures as your header. The little things in life excite me and this is one of the those moments.

    Everyone's submissions were great!!!!

    My address is 233 Parrot Swamp Loop Road Hubert, NC 28539

    Can you send me Justin, Ashley, Noah, and Eli? LOL. Smiles. Hug them for me please!!!!

    Randy says hello.

  2. Excellent Choice! I liked that one too and I also really like the one with the road. I bet this was a hard decision for you to make but you chose the perfect one! Thanks for the mention of my photos, that was nice. This reminds me of the one banner DFC had one year. The year of God's people.

  3. Vickie you take great pictures!!! you are right this does remind me also of the banner from DFC the year of God's people.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. Hey Thanks Nuala! Congrats to you on your Winnings:) PS. I enjoy your writing skills and your thoughts that you share here on this blog. You add real meaningful conversation to this blog and I hope to meet you some day! Have a great Sunday!

  5. Vickie how long have you been at Destiny? My husband, Randy and I started going to church there in 2002. We stopped attending when it got too hard on the budget. Then we moved to NC in 2006. Randy is Justin and Chelsea's dad. I am sure you know Justin and Ashley and the boys. I am so blessed to have them as step children. I am 32 and a grandma or moppi, I should say.

    Thanks for your compliments on my writing skills. I worked hard on them in high school. Then I just gave up, but God put a great joy in my heart to write again and I've been journaling and blogging like crazy for a great many of years now.

    I hope to meet you also.