Contest Ends @ 5pm… Hurry- Send Something! Anything! :)

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Good Morning Everyone!

It’s Friday… the last day of the CONTEST for our NEW blogsite header image! Send your submissions by 5pm today… it’s EASY… so everyone, go the contest blog for more info… the winner will be announced tomorrow morning!

Our trip to the Atlanta Catalyst One Day Conference was amazing… hope you enjoy the photos!

My computer is running SOOOO SLOW TODAY! Still DREAMING of a MacBook Pro! In light of this SLOWNESS, I’m not writing a life lesson today… just posting these few photos and loggin off before I FLIP OUT.

If you have the time, go back read something from the past two weeks… this blogsite is on fire and there is PLENTY of transformational content recently posted. I just finished praying for you guys and gals to have a most amazing day!! Thanks for being my BLOGGER FRIENDS! Please send your header image suggestions… everyone send something… chat with you later!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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8 thoughts on “Contest Ends @ 5pm… Hurry- Send Something! Anything! :)

  1. Great pictures. I thought you typed thanks for being my booger friends LOL, but I just re-read it and it says bogger friends. LOL.

    I am glad you guys had a great trip.

    • Hey is this Jessica? How are you doing these days! I hope well!! The pictures of Lilly are on the December 23 and 24 blogs… get to them from the callandar on the right side of the blog site… hope this helps! Have an amazing night!!

  2. Oh Pastor Chuck you didn't need to fix the error. You will have to forgive me I had 2 teeth extracted and was on pain meds at the time I was reading the blog and I really thought it said boogers. LOL.