Responding To Unfair Treatment

Happy Midweek Everyone! There’s nothing really to journal from yesterday… just a BLAH day without a real highlight. This morning has been fun so far… I read First Corinthians again for like the fourth time in three weeks. For some reason I keep ending up back there… hmmm, why I wonder? Speak Lord for your […]

Paying Attention: The Events Of One Day

Happy Tuesday Bloggers! Good news… the comments section of this blog site has been FIXED! Thank you Jonathan and Ben… you guys should hack for the government! Yesterday… I relaxed for a few hours and watched one of the most inspirational movies I’ve seen in a while… The Great Debaters! It’s a must see… so […]

In the Face Of Certain Death…

Good Monday Morning Everyone! Church and Bible College were both amazing yesterday… even though there were so many people out under the weather. I am praying over my region this morning… that healing will come for every household! The effectual, fervent pray of a righteous man avails much… the power of prayer is still the most powerful force […]

Just a Nice Video… :)

Good Sunday Morning Everyone! Got home from the conference last night… a bit overwhelmed… but very hopeful! The value of training is so underrated in today’s culture. Greatness is only a few coachable years away… greatness is not complicated, though it is very complicated at first glance! Greatness is available to each of us… when […]

In Love vs. Real Love

Happy Valentines Day Friends! Love is in the air… everywhere we look there are big red hearts and chocolates and flowers and… couples holding hands… smiling faces… and happy people saying I LOVE YOU! Let’s not miss the opportunity to let people know how much they matter to us on this LOVEY day! Yes, I fully understand that […]

Leadership: Adding Value To Others

Happy Thursday Friends! Emily and I are in Clemmons NC at a Leadership Conference… day one was outstanding! Looking forward to day 2! I’m actually writing this blog from my hotel room… it’s 7:15 pm on Wed night right now. Yes, I am watching the Destiny Family Center LIVE webcast! It’s such a blessing for […]

My Valentines Day Advice :)

Happy Monday Everyone! The photo glitch is still not fixed… so no fun photos AGAIN today. A special sorry goes out to all my VISUALLY oriented blog buddies! (fixed since this blog was posted) Hope you all had a super weekend! We hiked St. Mary’s Falls on Saturday (I would post photos, but oh wait, I […]