When Your Faith Remains Strong…

Good Saturday Morning Friends!

A few days ago, I posted a blog: Stop Flipping Out… Relax! Today, I want to respond to a bloggers comment as my teaching point.

In the referenced blog, I talked about turning our mountain making fears into mountain moving faith. I made a very transparent statement about how I respond to my own challenges at times, and I talked about the importance of growing up in FAITH. Here’s a quote from that blog:

“So often, I turn little problems into HUGE ones as I refuse to let God work them out. In panic, my judgment becomes clouded… I fret and fear… I allow the small problem to take my entire mind captive. Before long, I’m unable to see the good things happening in my world… I become trapped in a realm of hopelessness… I grow weary, I breakdown, and burn out.”

Blogger Des, known for his own blog as christianranter.worpress.com wrote the following reply to my above referenced post:

“Now since you said that you and your wife are opposites; is she the one who does more of the faith thing and you’re the fretter? I know that’s the case in my house and it drives me nuts as she always ends up being right about stuff I worry about.”

Ok, here is my reply to Des’ question…

Des, I used to be so much stronger in the faith realm… I was fearless in the face of opposition… and over the past few years, I’ve weakened in my mountain moving skills. This is one BIG thing I am working on for this season of my life.

Emily has one of the most UNSHAKABLE FAITHS I’ve ever encountered! Emily lives everyday like a bulldog on a juicy stake! She NEVER waivers from a promise of God… she believes that EVERYTHING will work out… and she HELPS to keep me doing the same!

It really is amazing how God puts people together for synergistic purposes! The two of us equal far more than the sum total of our two individual components! As for me, I am aiming to REBUILD my FAITH and get back to WALKING IN THE MIRACULOUS once again.

Through the relentless pounding of the crashing waves of this stormy half decade, I have become far too circumstance oriented… been tossed around way more than I should have allowed. Instead of CALMING my storms and COMMANDING my mountains to MOVE, I have spent far too many days crying, “Why me?”

Just realizing this sets me on a new path of opportunity! I celebrate ENDURANCE and I praise God for keeping me alive in the fiery furnace! I’ve learned so many priceless lessons… and I am coming forth as GOLD REFINED IN THE FIRE!

1 Peter 1:7 says this, “These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold-though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.”

Wooohoooo!! This is a mighty ENCOURAGING BLOG TODAY! Hope you love it… pray that it ADDS great value to your amazing lives! See you tomorrow in person @ 10am- Destiny Family Center… tomorrow is SUNDAY!!

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5 thoughts on “When Your Faith Remains Strong…

  1. Praise God for our better halves!!!! Randy is always holding on to God's Promise. He never doubts it!!!! I am sure at one time he did, but now he doesn't. My goal is to continue growing in my faith in Jesus and to hold on to His Promises no matter what.

    Emily is amazing and I thank God for her. She's such a positive person to be around and it is not a fake positiveness that flows from her!!!! It is real. It is JESUS.

  2. Great reply Chuck and God bless you on your quest to regain faith. Being an analytical person, I'm always trying to figure out where faith ends and me being responsible starts. If I step out in faith on something that I believe God is leading me into and later I look around and God doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight, am I being irresponsible?

    You know the parable of the talents from Matt 25? The master gave each according to their abilities. So the first two made a profit and the guy who buried his got chastised. Well sometimes I feel like the lost 4th servant who was given money, stepped out in faith to where I thought God was leading, only to lose what was given me; which is worse than the 3rd servant. So the question I have is; What would have been the master's response to that 4th servant?