Quick 2 Listen/ Slow 2 Speak/ Slow 2 Become Angry :)

Good Morning Friends, Guess what?? We’re going to be adding a few video clips from my recent teaching “30+ Thoughts on Effective Evangelism.” Look for these clips on this blog site over the next few days! Today’s thought deals with the subject of self control and learning to ENTRUST our lives into the loving hands […]

Staying Clear of Self Absorption :):):)

Good Morning Everyone! I’m writing today’s blog from AMC where I’m waiting for a church member to breeze through a pretty significant back surgery! This is one of my favorite parts of ministry… just making someone’s day by walking through a scary moment by their side! Peggy Sabo lost her husband two years ago after 51 years […]

The Motions

Good Morning Friends, Here’s the video of a song that my wife is loving these days. It’s become the theme of this season of our lives… so, I thought to share it with you guys this morning. This is the best version I could find on youtube… httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaHmiFaX_pk&feature=related See you guys at Destiny Family Center… […]

Failure: The First Signs of a New Beginning!

Happy Saturday Friends, Renewal: Every decade or so, life stagnates… and the best thing for each of us is a trial so cataclysmic that should we survive, we will never be the same again! Think about caterpillars becoming butterflies… or a snake shedding its old skin… or an eagle molting! Isaiah 40:29-31  29 He gives […]

Celebrating You Tube Video #1

Happy Friday Friends, Thanks to Jonathan Woodard, Ryan Huffer, and Ben Doyle… we are now on youtube. Yeah I know, we should have done that a long long time ago… we’ve just been busy! Let me give you a little background for the video snippet you’re about to watch. First, the text: Matthew 16:13-19 13 […]

Keep Looking Up! :):):)

Good Morning Everyone, I hope you had a beautiful day yesterday. If not, keep your chin up and your THOUGHTS riveted on heavenly things. Often times, whatever is happening in this earth takes up far too much of our attention. And on stormy weeks… no matter how much we look up, we just can’t see the SUN through […]

Thank God For Gods Love!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Guess what?? This is your long lost pal Chuck… remember me? I’m so sorry for bailing out on you good people like that… just under quite a bit of pressure this past week and didn’t want to bring the pressure into your lives. So Jonathan Woodard blogged for me and did an amazing job in my absence! […]

Guard yourself and your leaders in prayer and action

Written by Jonathan Woodard,  guest blogger for Pastor Chuck during temporary break. Rarely do I have dreams. Don’t know why; guess I’m too busy sleeping. But this morning, I had a preposterous dream. In it, my wife asked about a sorceress standing in the distance, wanting to know if she could use the sorceress’ services. […]

The local WTC

Written by Jonathan Woodard,  guest blogger for Pastor Chuck during temporary break. When you saw “World Trade Center” or stared at CNN 8 1/2 years ago, did the heroes in uniform remind you of your church, the Church, or Destiny? Saving #11 of those rescued In the movie “World Trade Center,” several things stood out: […]

County hub

This is written by Jonathan Woodard, as a guest blogger to give Pastor Chuck a much-needed break from his faithfully-written blogs. I just noticed a website about our hometown. It said  Stuarts Draft is the hub of Augusta County. When they mapquested Stuarts Draft, the middle came up near our church.We’re on Rose Ave, near […]