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This is written by Jonathan Woodard, as a guest blogger to give Pastor Chuck a much-needed break from his faithfully-written blogs.

I just noticed a website about our hometown. It said  Stuarts Draft is the hub of Augusta County. When they mapquested Stuarts Draft, the middle came up near our church.We’re on Rose Ave, near the star, on that site.

How are we as a congregation coming to the crossroads of our community to become a hub, where people frequent to find the life-giving, bondage-freeing, complacency-challenging, sin-convicting message of Christ?

Pray that we would be like Jesus, who had his eyes on the people all around them, to give them the Living Water that their souls desperately needed. He had just spoken with the Samaritan women. Though the disciples had their mind on food,  Jesus was ready to get some more people to restored relationship with God. Do we feel the hunger at the  hub of the harvest?

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2 thoughts on “County hub

  1. Thanks Jonathan for sharing the blogging efforts!!! This is really interesting. I pray that more people are drawn to the hub by the Holy Spirit to live for Jesus.

  2. Amen Jonathan! You are so right and thank you for sharing and writing for Pastor right now.

    We all need to keep our eyes on Jesus, not self and not things coming against us that may try to distract us from the true mission in life which is exactly what Jesus came for.