Failure: The First Signs of a New Beginning!

Happy Saturday Friends,

Renewal: Every decade or so, life stagnates… and the best thing for each of us is a trial so cataclysmic that should we survive, we will never be the same again!

Think about caterpillars becoming butterflies… or a snake shedding its old skin… or an eagle molting!

Isaiah 40:29-31

 29 He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.

 30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;

 31 but those who hope in the LORD
will renew… their… strength!
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

Old paradigms, old methods, old school talents, dated approaches… everything that once worked perfectly has to FAIL in a very big way… and while we do EVERYTHING in OUR POWER to keep yesterday alive… yesterday has to DIE… and yesterday has to be SHED OFF!

The greatest hindrance to RENEWAL is holding too tightly to a current glory! Old things have to pass away so that all things can become NEW!

So then oftentimes, failure is not the end of us… it is the early signs of a NEW BEGINNING! Selah

Tomorrow is church at Destiny Family Center… come in person or watch it LIVE on the webcast! Hope to see you there! Have a super duper day everyone!!

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8 thoughts on “Failure: The First Signs of a New Beginning!

  1. Wow…….I needed these words today after a very hard week at school. I feel as if I lost a battle, but I know God has plans and will fix this situation I am dealing with. I had to let go and let the situation die. I went to bed yesterday weary and tired and woke up this morning refreshed and just a little sad. But, I know God is still on the throne and knows I did my best.

    Our class watched a snake shed its skin this week. Gross, but a learning experience. We do need to shed things in life and situations. We need to let God do His work and quit trying to fix things that we can't fix. Thanks for your words today!!!! I will let go and let God.

  2. Amen! sometimes we become old wine skins and don't even recognize it happening. But to embrace New WIne we must always remain saturated by the oil of the Spirit so that we don't become dry and loose our ability to flex with the inpouring.

  3. Is it failure or CHANGE? With God in control of all things and God can NOT fail, than wouldn't whatever is going on be a season of metamorphosis not really a season of failure? Just a thought.

    Personally, I know how I felt when I was feeling like a failure when my world came to a collision and I was facing a crossroads in life that I did not choose.

    What you describe is very similar so that is why I bring it up. I'm not attempting to minimize what you have faced nor do I even know what you have faced but my prayers have been with you all.

    I do know my life story and what God has done for me and my family and I know God is a rewarding God and a Good God and He works all things out for good.

    I will share with you what advice/guidance/counsel/therapy/ I received during my YEARS of being in and coming out of the cocoon and most of it you already know (that would be your preaching and teaching and Word of God) but the other was this:

    "To know that there is light at the end of your tunnel and its not a locomotive heading straight for you but a new beginning for you and your family"

    "I can't move forward if I keep looking back"

    This part may sound so extreme but my doctor in Richmond had a patient that was a Pastor who experienced head trauma (TBI) and in that the "old self" is gone, only to emerge a new life, a new "normal". Yes , he looks the same, may act in some ways the same but God had done a new work in him that not only transformed him physical make up of his brain but his whole self as well.

    When we get alone with God, we learn acceptance of our new self. New and improved self, I must add! We learn as God teaches us to walk the way HE wants us to walk and to do as HE wants us to do, not as man dictates to us as we should of, could of, or would of. It's all for God's Glory, not ours.

    He whispers in our ears, He grabs our chins when He needs to and speaks directly into our face and says "Hey, look at me!! only at me, listen to me!!

    This patient my doctor had that was a Pastor he had to plan his own funeral for his family and friends to grasp the concept that the OLD PERSON was dead and NOT coming back and a NEW MAN had emerged from these ashes new and improved by God.

    The thing is we must know and believe in ourselves so that others will too. God does. Love you!

    • You are correct Vickie in a sense… I used the word failure because that is they way people FEEL when things turn out disasterous. God is so loving and merciful and when we give life our best… God graces us to suceed even when we make wrong turns. If we aimed for one result and ended with something far less than par… it can seem like failure. But as I am suggesting in this blog… there is really no failure when we are walking with Jesus! :):):)

  4. WOW!!!! YOU amaze me. You always seem to know what I need to hear at a particular time and I know it is THE FATHER speaking through you.

    I experienced that cataclysmic trial this past weekend. And during a 61 hour period went through an amazing metamorphsis. When everyone thought I was going to come out of it a beaten down, lonely, desperate shell of the me they last saw I emerged a victorious, joyful, thankful, wonderful, excited vessel through which our God could show that even in the darkest hole there is life and no matter where you are you are never alone.

    I thank God for the experience and pray that he will continue to work in me and use me as a living, breathing testimony of how GREAT OUR GOD IS. I pray he continues to put me where I need to be to guide others to Him.

    I am not worthy of the gifts He has given me but I am thankful to my loving and forgiving Father for the gifts and I am going to make him proud.

  5. I second that Wow…As I face the challenges and trials of this week I will keep these words in mind. Thank you Chuck. It is great when God sends a message we need through you.