Have a Blessed Day Everyone! :):):)

Happy Sunday Morning Friends!

I’m praying for all of you to experience God in a FRESH way this beautiful Sunday! This can be the day YOUR LIFE takes a turn in a certain UPWARD direction! I pray this for you guys… for all of you. Press in for it… and go to bed with the reward of my prayers spoken over you!

This morning, our worship team is in Raleigh, NC ministering at the church of a friend of mine. In their absence, we invited the praise and worship team from Oak Grove Baptist Church… and I CANNOT WAIT to see how that goes! All week, I’ve been anticipating the start of today’s service! It’s going to be AMAZING for sure… so come in person or watch it LIVE on the internet!

If you missed the two day road trip photo tour… go to my facebook and LAUGH your heads off! Heaven and I posted 53 photos… and we ended up with maybe a few hundred comments! The trip was amazing! Enjoyed sweet fellowship with Pastor Marion and Stephanie Dalton… loved every minute of our time with them and Bethel Harvest Church! I received the most accurate and life altering prophecy of my entire life… and we made it home safely to my loving wife and BFF, and my 6’5″ baby boy! Thanks for being involved… love you guys and gals!

Have a super duper day… it’s Sunday… so ENJOY yourself! Chat with you all later…

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One thought on “Have a Blessed Day Everyone! :):):)

  1. I am currently studying the book of Matthew. I finished chapters 8 and 9. We must believe who Jesus says He is and what He says He can do. Chapters 8 and 9 are filled of people who believed who Jesus is and that He can heal, deliver, and cleanse them. We must live with this same faith in Jesus.

    Two of my students have causing mayhem in my classroom and I ask God today to deliver these two students from their rebellion toward authority, so they can learn what they are to learn and so the others can learn. I ask God to give the wisdom to do what is necessary when their rebellion rears its ugly head, so my students see Jesus in me and not me when peace comes to our classroom.