The local WTC

Written by Jonathan Woodard,  guest blogger for Pastor Chuck during temporary break.

When you saw “World Trade Center” or stared at CNN 8 1/2 years ago, did the heroes in uniform remind you of your church, the Church, or Destiny?

Saving #11 of those rescued

In the movie “World Trade Center,” several things stood out:

The fireman chain that stood shoulder-to-shoulder for several hundred yards, passing a newly recovered victim to the EMS. —> Hundreds at Destiny working for the common cause of helping one freed by Christ.

The photos of victims missing —> The many yet to be saved, people we know, that we see daily.

The lack of organization in initial emergency response —> Who’s calling, visiting, writing, praying for the healing of the hurting or newly saved in our church?

The workers from out of state, handing out bratwursts —> The Baptist church choir who visited last Sunday. The Destiny team who visited DC.  Our District’s missionaries on the field now. The volunteers at Destiny who give hours each week.

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