More pressure, less lip

Chuck is letting me be a guest blogger to give my synopsis of one of the many remarkable things he preached on tonight.

Many of us have trials. Our greatest inspiration for getting through our “cross” is by looking at Jesus’ example. What did Jesus do?

Shut his mouth (to people)

When the pressure came, Jesus shut his mouth.

BY: Laurie A. Stasi

Isaiah wrote of Jesus: “He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth.”(53:7aNIV).  Chuck has a theory that the more pressure we are under, the less we should say.

Opened his mouth (to God)

He was able to do that because he opened his mouth to his Father in the Garden of Gethsemene earlier, as Chuck emphasized, with pleadings and petitions. He relied on God’s strength, and an angel messenger from God strengthened him. Chuck urged us to learn to go to the Father whether in the worst and best of times, learning that asap.

Whether or not you took notes, guess what the following says:

2. ___________ problems before they manifest!

4. Crank up your ________  _________!

6. Expect ________ intervention!

8. Shut _______  ________! (See above)

10. Know that ________ and _________ accompany every dark moment!

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One thought on “More pressure, less lip

  1. Amen to that!!!! If we would shut out mouths more we would let Jesus be seen and heard!!!! We are to quick to defend our self….that is flesh. We need less flesh and more faith.