Safe Arrivals! :):):)

Good Monday Everyone!

Church at Destiny Family Center was AMAZING yesterday… transformational to say the least! I hope you benefited from that service in some amazing way.

It’s foggy here in the Shenandoah Valley today… very foggy. Have you ever driven in really THICK fog before? I hate driving in thick fog… it’s stressful, dangerous, and exhausting!

If we are going to move, we need to be able to SEE. If we can’t SEE, we may crash into something that’s obstructing our roadway… we may drive off into a ditch. So when we encounter FOGGY mornings like this morning… we must SLOW down and give ourselves more time to react. There have been a few times in my own life that the fog was so thick, that I had to stop and wait for it to lift!

I have found that LIFE can get FOGGY at times as well. We need a CLEAR VISION in order to safely navigate towards our destiny. Sadly, too many folks maintain top speeds on foggy mornings and drive way beyond the scope of their SIGHT.

My inspirational thought of the day is this: Never travel faster than your eyes can see!

Spiritual vision comes from spending quality time with God. He is the giver of visions! God inspires us to do certain things with our lives… he inspires us with vision, showing us what’s ahead!

Just as we should never operate a motor vehicle without VISION… we should never operate our lives without CLEAR VISION! The Bible says that God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. The Bible also calls on humans to be guided by the Holy Spirit. These two forces are the HEADLIGHTS of our total person!

Without divine guidance, we are certain to have lots and lots of collisions. Some of these collisions can even be deadly ones!

So take the time to turn on your headlights… slow down on foggy days! Then you will be sure to SAFELY ARRIVE at all your divinely appointed DESTINATIONS!

I hope this very random blog adds great value to your amazing lives! Please leave your comments throughout the day… chat with you all later on!

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13 thoughts on “Safe Arrivals! :):):)

  1. You have encouraged my soul, for I feel very much like I have been moving about in the fog. And although I generally won't do a thing unless I'm sure it's God; (going from one extreme to another) I was feeling like it was an excuse to be lazy not moving forward – to – Go ahead and move forward just rely on your spiritual senses….ugh, ok, The truth is, is that there are times when I should just stand still and see the salvation of the Lord and not be confused!

    I need to say that I also just finished watching your last Sunday service and enjoyed it tremendously…I felt as if I was in the Sanctuary; and almost felt guilty for not giving an offering lol….Thank you so much for reaching out to me via FaceBook.

    I do know that God is saturating you with things you have yet to experience; blessings that only others will boast about and power released and channelled through you that you've prayed for. Please keep me in prayer, as I know the music ministry is a conduit for greater things that God has in store for me…I'm trying to move from point A to B with it.

    God Bless You

    • Wow Barbara… your encouragement comes at a time that I may never forget it. When we send messages like this, we never know whether it will be GENERAL or SPECIFIC… and this message was very specific. Thanks for taking the time to write! I pray so earnestly for you this morning… that God will REWARD you for this kindness that you have shown to a person you have never met! Have a great day Barbara Kelley!

  2. I love this!! Just reading and thinking about how Thy word is a lamp unto my feet……. in fog we need our headlights to be set on low beams, to be as close to the road as possible. If we don't then all we see is more fog but if we set it low (as if to our feet) then we are able to see right where we are just now, for this moment and that's all we need to get us through. Our Faith will keep us moving forward.

  3. dude driven in the fog i so amazing the feeling of never knowing whats right in front of you.It really temps your faith .Just knowing that you can put your life in the hands of your father and nothing will ever happen to you.But im at work so see you

    • Very good stuff Lucas… your ability to incubate revelation is really there! God has his hand on you Luke… in a BIG way. Stay very near to him over the next few years… and he is going to use you to do amazing thngs! I am so proud of you… and so honored to have had a small part in your growth! Have a really good day!

  4. Chuck, I love your blogs. I've come to treat them as a devotional sort of reading in addition to my normal books that I read and the Word. Your fire is setting everything ablaze around ya including me. Thanks a lot!

    • Joshua… you have a unique innocence about you… and it is so contagious! You remind me of my Aunt Kims sons from Maine. Every time I see you, I think of them and thats a blessing to me! Thanks for taking the time to write me… your words are life! I pray that God will continue what he has started in you guys… every single part of his plan with NOTHING left out! We love you guys in a big way!

  5. Wow, amazing words!!! Yesterday I actually slowed down and got more accomplished then I have in a while!!!! Thanks for the awesome blog.

  6. Thanks Chuck. Jesus is just who He is and each day I desire to know Him more!!!! It amazes me how people can just think of our Lord as just a good man who did great things. I get offended in my spirit man when people say that to me. But, instead of saying anything I just start praying in the spirit!!!! The old Nuala would have wanted to backlash and give a whole sermon on how He is more than just a good man, but guess what there are times, more times than not, that we can't explain who Jesus really is!!!! All we can do it pray for that person to be drawn to who our Lord really is. I never really understood the verse that we aren't to throw our pearls to swine until doing this study on the book of Matthew. It openend my eyes and ears to understand that their are people who are always just going to believe Jesus is a great man and that is it. It is not for me to defend Jesus, but to pray for those people. I am forever greatful that God revealed to me who His son is and that I can walk in the truth of that revelation.

  7. Never travel faster than your eyes can see!


    In the old days, we used to travel up and down the San Joaquin valley in Central California often to visit relatives. Most of these trips were at night and in a very dense fog. You can either slow down so you don’t overdrive your headlights or do the following.

    Wait until a semi truck overtakes you and then follow him; just barely keeping his tail lights in view. If there ever was a problem up ahead, then his momentum would carry the truck much farther that it would take a car to come to a stop. In other words, if you can’t see that far ahead, then follow the big guy and have faith that he’ll take on the trouble for you.