Sometimes: A General Message is a Specific Blessing

Good Morning Friends…

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the beautiful comments you guys leave every single day. Thanks for taking precious time out of your busy lives to bless me and my family! I’m sure that many times when you say kind things, you feel like you’re just sending a GENERAL message of love… when in fact, so often, your words come to me as LIFE in life’s darkest moments.

When I wrote yesterdays blog… I have to admit that I was not feeling on my game. Even when I finished and hit the publish button… I was like, “blah… but I don’t have any more time to fix it, so I have to hurry up and publish what I’ve written.”

Then I read your comments last night and realized: A message that was “general” and weak in my eyes seemed to be “specific” and transformational in your eyes.

This is why we should wake up every day and love people! This is why we should reach out with whatever we have… whether it feels to be amazing or not!

Instead of writing a wordy blog today… I want to ask you guys to re-read yesterdays and read the comments. Barbrah Kelley is a recording artist from New Jersey that just became my friend on facebook… and yesterday, she left a comment that came to me at 11pm last night… when I needed a message like that more than air! Joshua’s message was just as BIG! And to see Lucas growing into a man of God with his revelatory thoughts… it was so nice… all the comments were far more SPECIFIC than any of you could have known!

Then, after reading the comments on the blogsite I logged in to my facebook and was blessed with something like 15 messages from all over the world from people who claim that I have been a significant blessing to them! I cant help but think that they each sat at their computers and just wrote something they thought as general… not knowing that God was using them to do something very very specific! I’m entering a NEW season in my life and needed to know that what I am doing still has VALUE… and through a bunch of general expressions, God spoke a few things to me LOUD AND CLEAR.

So go do a bunch of general things today… some of them will be more specific than you’ll know until you enter eternity. I love you guys! Chat with you later on…

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes: A General Message is a Specific Blessing

  1. Wow…thanks for this blog. I never thought of it that way…the general being the specific for someone. I needed to hear that because there are times I don't understand why I do the things I do, but then days later someone will say thank you to me. It is crazy how things work out.

  2. Well my most dear friend, you most certainly have done it again. All day today all I could think of was you and when I read this all these few general words came to mind while praying for you. Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, Believe, Loyality, Character, Integrity, Friend, Blessing, Godly, Seasons, Tests, and Success.

    So all I have to add and you will understand is……and suddenly!!!!!!

    Thank you for being all those things in my life!!!!!

  3. Pastor Chuck…Thank you for being such a GREAT LEADER of The Destiny Family Center! We are so blessed to have you and your family in our lives. You always do a fantastic job! Thank you again.