The Motions

Good Morning Friends,

Here’s the video of a song that my wife is loving these days. It’s become the theme of this season of our lives… so, I thought to share it with you guys this morning. This is the best version I could find on youtube…


See you guys at Destiny Family Center… 10am TODAY! Have a most outstanding day!

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3 thoughts on “The Motions

  1. Dear Father,

    I am at your feet asking you to wake people up, so they will stop just going through the motions. I am asking you to consume us so that we will go all the way with You. I am asking that we give up the yoke of the everyday life and live our lives as servants to You. I ask that our relationships go deeper and that we are always there for each other, no matter what. I love you Father.




    Thanks for posting this video this morning. I needed this!!!!

  2. Just wanted to tell Emily– This is my FAVORITE song (right now)!I love the way it makes me feel inspired to move and gives me the confidence stand up for Jesus! One day I pray I will be FEARLESS, and I thank God that He is increaseing my boldness at every corner!