Struck Down But Not Destroyed :)

Good Morning Friends,  I’m kind of taking off from blogging today… hope this inspirational clip brings you plenty of courage to face your day and make it great! You guys are champions… and champions can take the hits! httpv:// Here’s a text version of the video… Be inspired!  “What is it you said to the […]

Behavioral Transformation :)

Good Wednesday Friends! I’ve been thinking so much lately about what drives people to take certain inevitable courses of action. I’m talking about the programing behind the things we do over and over again. You see, I believe that nearly every human action can be traced back to a preset behavior. Understanding this allows us […]

Healthy People Are Happy People!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I have a confession to make… ready for my confession? Ok… since you are so politely attentive this morning, Im going to tell you. I’ve been eating like a pig lately… yeah it’s true… and I haven’t run in something like a month or more. And since accountability is a great motivator… […]

Get Outside and Get Some Fresh Air!

Good Saturday Friends, I can’t wait till church at Destiny Family Center tomorrow! I’m feeling like it’s going to be AMAZING… more than usual! So make the trip my dear out-of-towner pals… treat yourselves to a DAY OF REST in the Shennadoah Valley! Come to church… hit the mountain, a park, or a lake afterwards… […]

The Day Our Toilet Almost Killed Me

Yesterday I had one of the scariest mornings of my life! I woke before sunrise, had great morning devotions, showered, dressed, and made my way for the door to leave. I was smiling and loving life, but that was about to end! Happiness was sucked from my soul as Emily yelped from across the house, “Chuck, you need to come to the […]

Restoring Lost Fortunes :)

Good Morning Everyone!  Psalms 126:4 “Restore our fortunes, Lord, as streams renew the desert.” As I read that verse, I though about all you guys out there hoping for RESTORATION these days. Undoubtedly, the financial situation of these past two years has taken its toll on most Americans. And as funds tighten, attitudes flair… causing […]