Get Outside and Get Some Fresh Air!

Good Saturday Friends,

I can’t wait till church at Destiny Family Center tomorrow! I’m feeling like it’s going to be AMAZING… more than usual! So make the trip my dear out-of-towner pals… treat yourselves to a DAY OF REST in the Shennadoah Valley! Come to church… hit the mountain, a park, or a lake afterwards… make it a day you won’t soon forget! 

I’m gonna give you the good weather advice my Mom gave me when I was a kid… ready? Here it is, “It’s a BEAUTIFUL DAY… so get outside and get some FRESH AIR! I dont want to see you in this house another second… so scram… GET OUT… NOW!” Of course she was smiling the whole time… and how thankful I am for a mom that showed me how to love the FRESH AIR! 

So today… I’m gonna give you guys a video of my friend Jason Upton in Germany. It’s not high quality… but it is POWERFUL… and a great way to dedicate your weekend to God. So, watch the video… spend some time praying… write something in your journal… read a few psalms… and then GET OUTSIDE! 

I pray to see you all tomorrow morning… either in person or on the LIVE webcast! All the FUN begins at 10am! 


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2 thoughts on “Get Outside and Get Some Fresh Air!

  1. Thanks for sharing the video of Jason Upton sharing his heart!! I wasn't able to listen to it all this AM – but it was what I needed to prepare me for worship this morning!! God is using you in wonderful ways, Chuck. Thanks for all you've done for me already. May you be richly blessed!