Healthy People Are Happy People!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I have a confession to make… ready for my confession? Ok… since you are so politely attentive this morning, Im going to tell you. I’ve been eating like a pig lately… yeah it’s true… and I haven’t run in something like a month or more. And since accountability is a great motivator… I thought to blog about my laziness today!

I think it all started for Emily and me back when we had to miss the Virginia Beach Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon due to a very stressful situation. That race was supposed to launch our race season of something like 6 races… a few 10K’s… a few half marathons… and a full marathon. We had trained for about 6 months, all through the winter… we were all registered and ready to go… only to cancel our plans just 5 days before the race.

Emily was far more bummed out than I was… but since she is my trainer… I stopped running when she stopped running. And here I am today just a few months away from vacation at the beach… and I’m eating like its fall… storing up insulation for a LONG WINTERS NAP! And if I don’t make some changes REAL FAST, Emily’s brother Jeff is going to TEAR ME UP all vacation long.

What shall I do… how will I break this destructive pattern? Is there any hope for me? YES, THERE IS! And since it sounded so good, I’m going to SAY IT AGAIN… YES THERE IS!

There is no doubt about it… healthy eating and regular exercise increases the quality and length of our lives! And healthy eating and regular exercise CAN be FAR MORE FUN than living without an ounce of self control. Let’s face it… we always FEEL BETTER when we make healthy choices!

So here’s my inspirational food for the day: to increase the quality and length of your life, start making healthier choices TODAY! 

From personal experience, I can say that unless you exercise, you wont be able to eat healthy… and unless you start eating healthy, you wont be able to maintain a fun and long term exercising routine. The two are connected!

Start by changing the way you think and feel about healthy foods and heavy breathing! Start telling yourself, “I love vegetables so I eat delicious vegetables each and every day! I exercise 3 to 4 days a week because I love exercising!” We must reprogram for a better life!

Next… you’ll need to create an achievable 6 month plan… and start somewhere! If you’re WAY out of shape… start with a short walk every morning and lengthen that walk each week or two. If you’re addicted to sweets… replace the junk food with FRESH FRUITS! Clean out your cabinets… get the junk out of the house so you are no longer tormented with temptations you’re not yet able to overcome!

When we started training for our first marathon… Emily had NEVER run a mile in her entire life! And within 11 months she was able to RUN 26.1 miles! Not only did we achieve a lofty goal… we HAD A BLAST getting to that destination! Exercise is VERY FUN when you have a FUN PARTNER. Get outside when you can… join a gym if you can afford it… gyms are so much FUN and GYM PEOPLE are HAPPY PEOPLE… because HEALTHY PEOPLE ARE HAPPY PEOPLE!

I wanted to write this blog because I want YOU and ME to live a LONG and HEALTHY life! It breaks my heart when people I care so much about die young… when diabetes, clogged arteries, various forms of cancer, and other conditions arise as the result of not gaining control over their health. I leave you with the words of Richard Simmons, “YOU CAN DO IT!” LOL

Have a healthy day! Tootaloo!

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4 thoughts on “Healthy People Are Happy People!

  1. You are on the soapbox I was on last week – perhaps it was something from God – I believe He has burned that in my heart now that He created us to be happy & healthy – come on – He put us in a GARDEN!!! WOW – I could go on & on but I'd be preaching to the choir! I haven't been out running for about a month either – SO BAD!!! You & Emily have totally inspired me – I haven't run any marathons but was challenged to do a half this fall (I was blaming my lack of training on everyone else!) I will be out there running knowing that I can do this too!! Question for te Christians out there – how can we go around proclaiming Christ & His healing if we are sick & tired? I'm cheering on Pastor Chuck!

  2. Wow Andrea… I bet you burn calories sitting on the couch! Your HAPPY ENERGY is so contagious… thanks for SHINING YOUR smile into this circle! You have brought great life to us all… God bless you guys tonight and this week… and this year… and this decade… and for the rest of your amazing future! 🙂

  3. On Monday one of my students said to me Mrs. Williams you haven't been walking during recess. Wow….they notice everything. So yesterday we walked a half mile. It felt good. My students know I want to lose more weight and they are so encouraging to me. They check what I eat for lunch and cringe when I drink a soda. They are precious. Here's to a healthy life!!!!