Asking For Gods Courage

Happy Sunday Friends! I heard this new song from Tim Hughes, “Give us Your Courage”… it’s a great song with a revival spirit. I pray that you guys wake up with great courage today!  What a great idea! To pray for God’s courage… that He would impart to us HIS fearlessness… that we too may […]

Never Give Up – Never Give Up – Never!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Sorry to be so serious lately… nothing funny to report… everyone seems so somber these days… so focused… and edgy… ggrrrrrr. So, today… my goal is to find something HILARIOUS for a coming blog! Be very careful… because I am WATCHING you closely! One slip up in front of me… and I’m telling the world about […]

Lay It All Down

Happy Sunday Everyone! Memorial Day is tomorrow… it’s got me thinking about sacrifice this morning. I’m so grateful to all the men and women who gave their ALL so that I can live here peacefully with my beautiful family, in this beautiful home… with this nice computer… and my wireless internet… and blog about whatever […]