Asking For Gods Courage

Happy Sunday Friends! I heard this new song from Tim Hughes, “Give us Your Courage”… it’s a great song with a revival spirit. I pray that you guys wake up with great courage today!  What a great idea! To pray for God’s courage… that He would impart to us HIS fearlessness… that we too may […]

Overcoming the Night 2 Shine Each New Day!

Happy Saturday People! I had a most enjoyable evening with my daughter and then my son, as Emily had her first ladies night in forever. She had fun and we had fun… a blessed night for sure! I love my family! Heaven and I were supposed to go to the softball game…game got rained out… […]

That Spiritual ‘Feeling’ of Hope!

It’s Friday Everyone! A beautiful morning… perhaps a SIGN of the BEST WEEKEND EVER! It feels ultra good in the spiritual realm today… I’ve just got this FEELING that something really good is going on that I don’t yet know about! Maybe I feel like this because it’s IN THE MAIL and ON ITS WAY INTO MY […]

Service With A Smile Please =)

Happy Thursday Good People! I have to tell you how impressed I was with our worship team last night! Since we are forming a whole new team and some of our key players are out of town this week… the challenges are pretty big. That, combined with my CRAZY schedule for the past THREE MONTHS […]

Never Give Up – Never Give Up – Never!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Sorry to be so serious lately… nothing funny to report… everyone seems so somber these days… so focused… and edgy… ggrrrrrr. So, today… my goal is to find something HILARIOUS for a coming blog! Be very careful… because I am WATCHING you closely! One slip up in front of me… and I’m telling the world about […]

Imagining Our Departure =)

Good Tuesday Everyone!  I woke up this morning thinking about what it’s going to be like in that exact moment I cross over the threshold of time and eternity. Have you ever thought about this… I mean, really thought about this? It’s pretty wild to IMAGINE how it will go down. Not how we will […]

Lifting Up The Down Trodden

Happy Memorial Day! We spent a good part of our weekend reconnecting with some old friends. For us, this was more fun than anything else we could have done! About seven years ago, these friends rescued a family of Sudanese slaves and brought them to America for freedom! They spent time teaching this family how […]

Lay It All Down

Happy Sunday Everyone! Memorial Day is tomorrow… it’s got me thinking about sacrifice this morning. I’m so grateful to all the men and women who gave their ALL so that I can live here peacefully with my beautiful family, in this beautiful home… with this nice computer… and my wireless internet… and blog about whatever […]

The Gentle Whisper in Our Cluttered Hearts

Happy Saturday Friends! Blogging on the patio this morning… what a day! Last night we went to Coree’s senior dinner at the Joshua Wilton House in Harrisonburg VA. Free meal on the school… I suppose we paid for it through tuition… still a VERY nice touch! The company was amazing… food was too.  Today, we […]

Show Me Your Feet! (lol) =)

Happy Friday Bloggies!  About three years ago, I called a buddy of mine on his cell phone to say hello. This guy is the toughest, meanest, roughest, macho-est guy I know. I’ve been to watch him tear people up in the boxing ring several times. He’s spent quite a bit of time in police cars […]