Having a Hard Time Celebrating These Days?

Good Day Everyone! Victory always hangs on the backdrop of an undesirable, uncontrollable, very painful set of circumstances. Because of this, even victory can feel like defeat when we are not careful to rivet our attention on what is happening front and center!  In life, there are some things we CAN control and MANY things we have no […]

Under the Shadow – In The Secret Place

Happy Wednesday Everyone! The blog will be short today… I’m driving towards a few deadlines and SLIGHTLY behind schedule. Hope your day is amazing!!  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2yHIGpEvPI&feature=related Psalm 91 1 Those who LIVE IN the shelter of the Most High will FIND REST in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 This I DECLARE about the Lord: He […]

Bless the Children!

Good Sunday Everyone! Yesterday, I went to a little kids birthday party… he’s the son of a friend. I had so much fun at the party, mostly after everyone else left and we had water gun fights for about 45 minutes. Emily and I had given the birthday boy a SUPER water gun… it was […]

The Spirit of a Servant

Happy Wednesday Bloggies! Im looking forward to church at Destiny Family Center tonight… hope you can make it! Worship has been amazing, preaching has been adequate (lol)… the fellowship has been sweetness all the way. We are currently accepting prospective family members… so drive out on this lovely forecasted evening and size us up! No worries, you’ll still make it home […]