Anticipating a Quantum Leap

Happy Monday!

Journal: Lovely weekend. Saturday… we made two birthday parties and a graduation party… and I still managed to blog and write in my book and sermonize and hang out with my family! Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL DAY! We had the biggest technology glitch of our lives at Destiny Family Center… STRESS CITY for about 10 minutes… a PILE of kids we’re on the platform ready to sing songs they learned at vacation bible school… and no sound on the video! It was SUPER embarrassing… I think a few tech team members might have had an ACCIDENT or two! I know I did! LOL 

The service turned out PHENOMENAL… life changing for EVERYONE! The message, “I Still have a Dream” really seemed to RESONATE with so many people! The feedback was instant and keep coming throughout the entire day! 

My birthday party was UNREAL! So MANY people showed up… the food was DELICIOUS… everyone was SMILING and interacting… new friendships were formed… people were catching fish… and boating… and playing horseshoes… and! Wayne Howard, one of our newest DFCers… he’s the manager of Smoothie King and brought free smoothies for EVERYONE at the party… I had TWO!

Great day… the LOVE was therapeutic! 

Monday is my day off… today should be an interesting one! First, I’m planting my beautiful birthday plants! Then, I’m visiting two guys in jail… short of a miracle, one of them is looking at something like 25 to life… and depression seems to be taking over his heart. I pray that I’m able to give both these guys LIFE TODAY! Then, over to Charlottesville so I can pray for a man that’s having a pace maker installed. The day ends with a dear friends birthday party at Cheeseburger Paradise… FISH TACOS BABY!

Oh, and I think we’re planing to free Coree’s pet Red Fox at some point… that should be fun! And I hope to squeeze in a few hours of writing… an hour of swimming… and a few potty breaks! LOL

I feel so much anticipation this morning… like my life is building up into a GIANT QUANTUM LEAP! These have been months of change… aggressive CHANGE! And whenever I try to figure it all out, I get confused… it doesn’t really make sense. It’s so easy to wonder where God is and what God is up to. I’m tempted to make some crazy moves… to act aggressively… to take matters into my own hands.

And then I realize that God is so brilliant… his ways are so much higher than my ways! So I resolve myself to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD! I keep meditating on his LOVE FOR ME… I spend hours thinking about how good he has been to me these past 38 years! And as I TRUST, his peace calms my agitated heart…

My fears FLEE AWAY… and my CONFIDENCE RISES! New visions come… and HOPE FILLS MY HUMBLED HEART. From the ashes, I see NEW LIFE and BETTER IDEAS… I climb up to my knees and then to my feet… with a message he has given me… a feeling really… a feeling that becomes a message… as I let the message in, it takes over my life… and I am UPGRADED… I am TURNED INTO ANOTHER MAN… a BETTER MAN… a SUPER MAN!

Oh, the pleasures of walking with God… the PEACE of knowing that ALL THINGS work together for our good! Sometimes, life doesn’t make sense… and in those times, we must TRUST GOD even when we he does CRAZY THINGS WITH US! 

These are my random journal thoughts for the day… I hope you’re inspired to TRUST GOD WITH YOUR OWN LIFE… on a much higher level, to ANTICIPATE something EPIC! 

Please leave a comment before you leave… it will only take a minute! I just prayed for you guys… so have an AMAZING DAY!

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6 thoughts on “Anticipating a Quantum Leap

  1. You are an amazing person and amazing family. Your ability to write, talk, and share your thouhgts are grand. You capture your audience and they can’t help but stop and open their BIBLES and hearts to God’s word. May you continue to share this gift with all around you.

  2. You are an amazing person and an amazing family. Your ability to share your faith in such an manner is the reason everyone can’t help but to open their BIBLES and their hearts to GOD. Your talents of writing and speaking bring a smile to anyone listening. May God continue to bless you’ll each and every day in every way.

  3. Thanks a bunch Miss Pamela! I’m guessing you didn’t think the first one went through and decided to resend… I’m glad… it’s good to read that kind of comment TWO TIMES! Really… I love to INSPIRE… it’s becoming my mission in life… to INSPIRE people. I’m glad you’re inspired… and glad you have INSPIRED ME TODAY! Your words make a difference… a very big difference! Have a super day!!

  4. I so like the picture of the frog.

    Oh yes there are times we all want to take matters into our own hands, but just think of what a mess everything would become. We may think that things are a mess, but God is in control. It is so hard to not take control, but it is well worth it and there is not mess to clean up afterwards.

    I am glad to hear that all had a great time at the party.

    Continue fighting the good fight!!!

  5. have to agree with Nuala, the frog is awesome, just looking at the little guy makes me want to LEAP!! Never got to thank you for an incredible sermon on Sunday! They ALWAYS are but yesterday’s included some much-needed spiritual healthcare! For every one of us! God is definately elevating you, upgrading you and transforming you!… which is extra exciting because that means the same for all of us at DFC! It IS great to walk with God, and the neatest thing about it is, you know where you stand all the time. You never have to keep asking yourself, “what’s true?”…If God said it and you accept it, He’s gonna bring it to pass! That’s just that! Have a great evening, thanks again!