Grab the Initiative, Take Action, Do it Now!

Happy Wednesday!

Got home from Vacation Bible School last night to find a surprise pool set up on my patio! Not a little inflatable one… it’s 15 x 4 you guys! Ok, so Emily asks me yesterday if she can get a small pool from WalMart and put it on the patio… and I just kind of looked at her like, “I think it’ll look a little tacky, but if that will make you happy, go get one.”

Thinking back on that conversation, I remember her saying, “Charlie, can I get one of those SMALL 12 foot WalMart pools and put it RIGHT HERE on the patio?” (hand motioning that the pool she had in her devious little mind was going to fit into the LITTLE area she was suggesting… and even though she said TWELVE FOOTER, my mind caught the key words SMALL and a mental picture of the THREE FOOT area she was claiming for this TINY project.

I didn’t even really think she was serious until I got home at 9:30pm last night… and there it was… a BIG BLUE… FIFTEEN FOOTER, WalMart pool. EMILY BALSAMO!

Of course, Cole Moore had helped her and Heaven put it together… and as I began to resist, they all gave me this look like, “PLEASE DAD CAN WE KEEP IT… we worked so hard in the BLAZING SUN… ALL DAY LONG… to give you this amazing FATHER’S DAY PRESENT!!!!

Actually, after I got past the initial SHOCK, I was quite happy she took INITIATIVE and made this happen for our family! So, I did some finishing touches to the liner while Cole and Heaven installed the filter system… and we turned on the water hose! Eight hours later, we have a functioning POOL!

Pool party anyone?

Matthew 7:12-14 The Message Bible: Here is a simple, RULE-OF-THUMB GUIDE FOR BEHAVIOR: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then GRAB THE INITIATIVE and do it for them. Add up God’s Law and Prophets and this is what you get.”

Same verse in different translation: “DO TO OTHERS whatever YOU WOULD LIKE THEM TO DO TO YOU. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.”

Is this what Emily was doing with the pool… did she GRAB THE INITIATIVE and do for me, WHATEVER she WANTED me to do for her? Awww, thats so nice Emily… so Christian-like my dear dear wife! LOL

Initiative: The power or ability to BEGIN or to follow through ENERGETICALLY with a plan or task; enterprise and DETERMINATION; a beginning or introductory step; an opening move.

Seriously, I have to ADMIRE the INITIATIVE of this tiny gal… she has always been a TAKE ACTION kind of lady… NEVER lazy, never afraid to take on a challenge, never hesitant to GRAB THE INITIATIVE! Emily has way to much POWER and ability for making those INTRODUCTORY MOVES… with ENERGY and DETERMINATION… she doesn’t linger for perfect conditions!

It’s scary at times, but a VERY ADVENTUROUS 19 years!

Initiative is a vital part of turning HOPES into REALITIES. “Faith is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things NOT YET SEEN.” Faith takes HOPES (dream, visions, promises, and prophecies) and manifests the power and ability to BEGIN… or to FOLLOW THROUGH energetically with a PLAN (the thing hoped for)… with ENTERPRISE and DETERMINATION… faith takes the introductory step… faith makes the opening move!

By faith, Peter JUMPED OUT OF THE BOAT when Jesus invited him out on the waters! By faith Noah started building an ark! Faith is never lazy… faith does not linger for perfect conditions… faith always says LET’S GET THIS STARTED… LET’S DO THIS NOW… LET’S TURN EVERY ONE OF THESE EXTRAVAGANT HOPES INTO LIVING REALITIES!

I pray that todays blog adds tremendous value to your amazing lives! I love you all… praying your day is filled with many BLESSINGS! Please leave your comments… tootaloooo!

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