Let’s Do Something Big Together

Happy Monday Everyone!

The weekend was splendid! Yesterday, my kids spent the ENTIRE day doing whatever I wanted to do… and they did this because they WANTED to! This is the greatest Father’s Day present EVER… and it’s the same present they’ve been giving me for YEARS! I’m really SHOCKED at how much they both CHERISH Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… they make Emily and I feel SO LOVED! 

I hope your weekend was just as lovely! If not, there’s another one coming up, just five days away! 

Update on the book:

This morning, my happy little fingers are writing away… on the homestretch of this first book of mine! A decent publisher is highly interested in this work… and I’m tempted to negotiate a contract with them. Yet, there is something in me saying, “Don’t settle little Chucky… there is a MUCH BIGGER platform out there… wait for that DIVINE APPOINTMENT!”

So I figured today, I would check with all my BEAUTIFUL BLOG PALS to see if you know someone who knows someone at Random House, or Harper Collins, or Harrison House, or…

Also, they tell me that I need to keep working on my “authors platform.” What I mean is that when a publisher buys a book, they’re buying a complete package that includes the BOOK, the AUTHOR, and the PLATFORM he or she has built. Major publishers don’t put a lot of time and money into midlist books. What they want to know, then, is that the author can reach readers on his own.

After researching the vital components of an authors platform, I’m very pleased with our progress. Shockingly, our blog site stats have JUMPED UP significantly in such a short time. We host regulars on this blog site from all over the world… they are feeding on every paragraph, every day! Thanks for appreciating our work! 

I’m wondering if some of you guys could TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS about www.chuckbalsamo.com and hound them until they also come here DAILY! Just a focused week or two of synergistic networking and we can ten times this platform REAL FAST, making the book far more attractive to a top five publisher!

If any of you guys would like to volunteer at researching this further and helping to build this authors platform… God bless you! We need to start up weekly podcasting, publish some of our articles on magazine websites, expand out twitter and facebook following… and do a bunch of other exciting things to EXPAND OUR INFLUENCE!  

Romans 1:8-9 Let me say first that I THANK MY GOD through Jesus Christ FOR ALL OF YOU, because your faith in him is being talked about all over the world. God knows HOW OFTEN I PRAY FOR YOU. Day and night I BRING YOU and YOUR NEEDS in prayer to God, whom I serve WITH ALL MY HEART by spreading the Good News about his Son.

Thanks for loving us… thanks for raving over the message we bring! Together, we touch the world and make a difference! Greater things are yet to come… greater thing are still to be done! Have a super day everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Do Something Big Together

  1. Afternoon my dear pastor. I have been up since 3 am, went to work at 4 am and am kinda tired but the day is too beautiful to waste on sleep. I have thanked God many times for his tremendous blessings on my life today. Starting with waking up on time, then seeing a shooting star and getting to work on time. And on and on and on.

    I can wait for your book to come out but God has blessed me with patience so I will wait. I have faith that God will expand your bloggage to an over the top platform and you will get an awesome publisher.

    God bless you and all you do!!

    • Lisa… I’m praying for you this morning… that God will keep on giving you PEACE…. that he will grant you favor… that God will be with Doug as his very best friend… and that God will be father to your girls in this very challenging time. Thanks for smiling in your pain… your faith is such and INSPIRATION! =)