Happy Saturday! Since I’ve been blogging so MANY WORDS lately… I thought to give you guys a REST today! I’m working on my fathers day message right now, writing in my book later this morning, doing a wedding at 2pm, and hosting 20 teenagers for dinner… to honor high school graduation. Then tomorrow is FATHER’S […]

Welcome to my Glass House

Good Morning! Wow you guys… thanks for all the encouragement on yesterdays blog. I really feel bad about letting things get the best of me yesterday… and then blogging about my pain. At the moment, it seemed right to be transparent about my feelings… maybe God just wanted me to work through that in private.  […]

Let Nothing Move You

Good Thursday! I love Jesus so much. I am a decent and LOVING person. I live ONLY for the purpose of bringing others into relationship with God, and helping them into the PROFOUNDNESS of knowing Him. I pray and worship God SEVERAL times each and EVERY day… His living Word is my DAILY bread. This […]

The Treasury of The Heart

Good Morning! I’ve been sitting here at my computer for way to long this morning, trying to come up with something to blog about. So, I just figured that if I began… something would flow out of my heart. Ok… nothing yet… hmmmm…. still nothing… (picking up my Bible and reading some more, filling my […]

Learning From Our Past

Happy Tuesday! As I was praying today, I thought back over some of the things I spoke to the graduates on Sunday morning at Destiny Family Center. I scanned back over the last 18 years of my life, considering how much I have CHANGED! If you haven’t done this in a while, you should. It’s […]

Sympathetic Consciousness of Others’ Distress

Good Sunday Everyone! Last Wednesday night, during worship time at Destiny Family Center, God asked me to look around at the people in the auditorium. He asked me to start paying more attention to the PEOPLE I was ministering to rather than how successfully I pulled off my messages.  As I looked at different people, it was […]

Dreaming Beyond This Mountain

Happy Friday! We traveled to Pikeville Kentucky yesterday… I’m speaking at Trinity Harvest Church tonight (7pm). The Pastors here, Richard and MaLeah Homes… AMAZING couple! We have been treated like royalty since accepting their invitation… and our time together yesterday evening was so BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED!  Matthew 10:40-42 “Anyone who receives YOU receives ME, and anyone […]

Junkyard Treasure

Good Morning Friends! Wow, I feel POWERFUL this morning… like I could raise my hand to the sky and all the birds of Stuarts Draft would gather, or I could refill my water bottle with a thought, or I could uproot my dead cherry tree with a prayer… and fling it to Greenville as a […]