The Beautiful Gift of Prayer

Good Thursday!

The happy sun us beginning to rise this lovely morning… hey, my mimosa tree is starting to bloom, how pretty! Mr. Hopper (the bullfrog) is still singing… he’s been up all night… go to sleep little guy! Over the past few days… just after sunrise, I’ve been getting sprayed with some kind of fluid. Looking up to the branches overhead, I’ve been concerned that this “morning shower” may be coming from a squirrel going potty on my head! I even smelled my arm a few times to see what it smelled like… and it didn’t have a smell. Yesterday… when I looked up, there was a beautiful brown bird flapping her wings after bathing in the pond. Shhhwoooo, thank God!

Our God is so beautiful in so many ways. Sometimes, I can see him reaching out to me in everything that surrounds! He rides on the sound of the waterfalls… his awesomeness is felt every time Mr. Hopper, bellows out his song. God moves me with the sound of the fish every time they jump out of the water… he gives me an orchestra of birds every morning… he splashes my world with the colors of many flowers! Every song on Pandora radio increases the reality of his love towards me! And I love him back! 

Romans 1:19-20 They know the truth about God because he has made it OBVIOUS to them. For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. THROUGH EVERYTHING GOD MADE, they can clearly see his invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.

I thank God for my family as they sleep this morning. I pray over them while they rest, asking God to give them dreams about their future! And when they wake, they will know the effects of a praying husband and father! I pray for my friends today… that God will bless you with great peace. That he will give you all the character and vision, and all the energy you need to make a very big difference with your life today! I pray for your health… that you will make good food choices and feel healthy and be healthy! I pray for the PEACE of God that passes all understanding to FILL YOUR MINDS all day long!

Please keep praying for me… that God would bless me with GREAT WISDOM (1Kings 3:8-9)… and GREAT ENDURANCE (Galatians 6:9)… and all the RESOURCES (2Corinthains 9:8) needed to turn my amazing dreams into living realities! Pray that God would give me unusual favor with people… and that the people in my life would be emotionally mature and spiritually astute! Pray that God will inspire people of means to BLESS us in our personal and ministry initiatives

Pray for Destiny Family Center… that our people would have more joy and vision than ever before. Pray that we will attract more new people than EVER before… that we would see more transformation in peoples lives than ever before. Pray that we will have more cultural diversity than ever before! Pray for faithful workers… and more than enough money to hire key necessary positions, make desired renovations, and purchase everything we need for all our immediate initiatives. Pray that we will have great unity and a great awareness of God’s presence! Pray huge financial blessings on our members… and a burning desire for giving back large regular portions of these blessings to the ministry of DFC. 

Pray that the Balsamo’s will be able to finish our sunroom/ home office addition. Pray that I will have more than enough money to hire an editor and find the right agent or the right publisher. That I will be able to get my book UP to the level where it will be ADMIRED by the right people. Pray that God will greatly enlarge my authors platform… that thousands of new folks from all over the world will read my blog and LOVE it every single day!

Pray that I will receive speaking invitations to influential churches and influential conferences. Pray that I will be more focused, organized, creative, revelatory, powerful, spiritual, humble, forgiving, and loving than ever in my life! Pray for a new release of the gifts of the Spirit… for prophetic insight and healing power. Pray for my wife and my kids… pray a blessing on our coming vacation. Pray for peace and protection from EVERY attack… that we will be victorious in EVERY battle!

What are your requests today? Please list them as comments and I will pray for you as you sincerely pray for me! Love you guys and gals… have a super duper day!

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3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Gift of Prayer

  1. God is so Great! I can see that He is so in love with you! The times you share with Him (that you share with us in your blogs)is exactly what He wants. You have been so ripped and worn over the past months, by what seems like the enemy's entire arsenal. Satan has tried to push you down, hold you down and keep you there. BUT GOD is giving you rest and revival! He is pointing out all He has made just for YOU! Even the playful spray from fluttering wings…I can FEEL the Father beaming a wide smile at you! So proud that He has made YOU. I am praying success in EVERYTHING you touch or speak to, Pastor Chuck. You WILL prosper because those that love the Lord, and also love others–even through pain–always do. God bless your day. God bless Wonderful Emily and those two AMAZING kids…God bless your home, your parents, your vehicles, your pets and even your new pool! Amen!