The Dirty Part of the Job

Good Morning!

It’s Tuesday… birthday eve for me! Gonna be 38… it’s been a good life! I have so much to be thankful for… and so many dreams to be realized in the next 38…

An Extravagant Foundation: So far, this is what I have… or this is what I JUST ABOUT have! It’s taken a very LONG time getting to this place… 38 years of LEARNING and ADJUSTING… underground: shoveling dirt and laying block!

This morning I want to give you guys a few paragraphs from chapter 7 of my book, “Make Me a Legend.” Please keep praying I will FIND FAVOR with the right people… and get the publishing process underway! Enjoy the clip…

the dirty part of the job
Nervous people demanding split second results; this is our world. And when today’s achiever can’t measure results in terms of above ground progress; they usually jump ship in search of something far more immediately gratifying. It’s comical to watch how enthusiastic people are when they first encounter a sizable vision like ours. Springing up so quickly… out of no where, unreservedly committing their blood, sweat, and tears to nothing more than a well pitched dream… only to fizzle as they calculate how much longer it could take before they will be able to personally benefit from this dream.

Building foundations takes a very special kind of people. Building extravagant foundations takes the rarest of all! Foundation workers have remarkable foresight. With bizarre enthusiasm, they bed down in dirty places for however long it takes to get a towering dream into the air. They’ve counted the cost, knowing they may never experience the pleasure of standing on their own platform. Foundation workers accept responsibility; they welcome responsibility… for the dirty part of the job!

Get what I’m trying to say here? We must never become discouraged with these foundational years. Legendary buildings require extravagant foundations. So hey, let’s take our time… and build something extravagant… something that carries the very real potential of outlasting us by a hundred years or more! Let’s bed down in dirty places… for however long it takes to GET OUR TOWERING DREAMS UP INTO THE AIR!

I hope todays blog adds tremendous value to your amazing lives! I’m praying for you guys, with great joy in my heart! Have a super duper day everyone!

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5 thoughts on “The Dirty Part of the Job

  1. Great Chapter!! My vision in reading it first was footers you pour into a foundation. Those footers are VERY important and they must MATCH the blueprints of what you are building or the building may not stand.

    I know when I built my first house, one of my contractors went on vacation leaving the other to dig the foundation and pour footers not knowing he had the wrong plans. IF it had not been for the EXCELLENT SKILL (and that the excavator was a good friend of mine) my house would have been MESSED up BIG TIME with the wrong foundation (so I was told)

    In your book, I know you are NOT talking about a house with footers but what I see is FOUNDATIONAL people or FOOTERS in a foundation HOLD up or set the structure for what is to come and “it” or “they” may NEVER see the completed result. That is why “they FOOTERS” and “FOUNDATIONAL PEOPLE” BOTH need to be SOLID, FIRMLY PLANTED and ROOTED in the EXACT RIGHT PLACE or the STRUCTURE may not STAND.

    They, “FOOTERS” also need to be the SAME, meaning one footer can not STAND above the others or the building will lean. I feel, this scene in my head is the same with people. FOUNDATIONAL PEOPLE need to be people who first of all sees the blueprints and believes in the vision God gave the Pastor to build.

    If NOT, then that FOOTER’s CONCRETE will NEVER SET. IT will NEVER be SATISFIED. THE conditions will never be right for the CONCRETE to HARDEN.. IT may be too much water, or not enough sand mixer…. or too hot…. or it cracked because it was too cold… or such and such was supposed to stir it at such and such time and it was THEIR job and they didn’t do it so it’s all their fault that it cracked….. YOU DON’T want this FOOTER on your team.

    My idea of Foundational people is they are willing to be a TEAM, and be team players, not seeking to climb higher than the other footer, not playing the blame game, but like you said take responsibility, work together for the same goal as a TEAM. IT takes a team to hold up a VISION, just like it takes a foundation to hold up a building.

    I realize I went on a rabbit trail here, sorry Pastor Chuck. My picture in my head saw the structure of Leadership in the church and how WE should work together as a TEAM to help you hold up the vision God has given you. You have laid the foundation and dug the FOOTERS with a SPOON!!!!!!!

    It’s time WE(not you but us) KEEP our eyes on what they need to be kept on and NOT let this extravagantly prepared foundation that you and many others has poured your lives into get taken over by weeds and sticker bushes!! I say lets buy some ROUND-UP and GET BUSY!!

    Have a beautimus DAY!!!!

  2. I understand exactly what you are saying in your blog today. There have been times that I have wanted to leave my dreams for something more satisifing at the time, but by doing that I realized that I was giving up on myself. Not to mention hope and the others that were or are involved in the dreams that help build the foundation to get started on a dream. So many things that factor in to making the simpliest descions in life. Thats is why God is there to help us through those times in thinking and doing. Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. May not be near a computer so better wish you happy birthday today.

  3. Thanks Chuck and Vickie for the deep thoughts today. I pray that we all stay on track and continue building God’s dream for us.