Life Management: Choosing Better Verbs

Happy Tuesday! Congratulations to Kristin Via… thanks for commenting on yesterdays blog. I loved reading through the VERBS of YOUR weekend. Very enlightening! Everyone else… you should TRY it… go back to yesterdays blog and do the FUN exercise! Kristin, I’m curious to know what kinds of things you learned about yourself during that ten […]

The Verbs of My Beautiful Weekend!

Happy Monday! Parachuted, prayed, studied, listened, worshiped, called, gave, pilgrimaged, gagged, experienced, connected, blessed, napped, vacuumed, swam, played, whimpered, visited, went, had, watched, prayed, talked, called, listened, spent, hung out, watched, fell, thanked… all the VERBS of my BEAUTIFUL weekend! Parachuted from my high rise bed early Saturday morning, prayed for all my friends, studied […]

The Oyster Cookout

Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend turning out thus far? Mine’s been EVENTFUL… good times with family! We spent most of yesterday in Richmond, honoring Emily’s oldest brother for turning FIFTY. Poor guy… old fart. lol At THIRTY-EIGHT fifty doesn’t seem so bad really. I cant elaborate on this thought without slipping in to “where did […]

Loving Jerky People

Happy Saturday! Nearly rumbled with a few jerks yesterday… almost lost my smile… immersed myself in good conversations with beautiful people and OVERCAME the jerks. Some people! I mean we’ve all been a little jerky at times, but some people have no manners. When this happens, I have to remind myself that jerks are not […]

epic strength: from forward motion & positive developments

Happy Friday! Amazing day yesterday was! The blog site was on fire. I loved the interaction! I actually got butterflies in my gut yesterday thinking about how FAST our stats are climbing and how influential this tribe is becoming. Yesterday, at my Destiny Family Center office, we experienced the most productive day of the YEAR! […]

Get Connected: Mentor, Peers, & Apprentices!

Happy Thursday! I opened a flikr account yesterday… gonna start posting my most unique and artistic photos… check it out sometime. Todays blog comes from the thoughts contained in chapter 11 of my book, “Get Connected: Mentors, Peers, & Apprentices.” Over the past few days, I’ve been reconnecting with a few of my old highly […]