Get Connected: Mentor, Peers, & Apprentices!

Happy Thursday!

I opened a flikr account yesterday… gonna start posting my most unique and artistic photos… check it out sometime.

Todays blog comes from the thoughts contained in chapter 11 of my book, “Get Connected: Mentors, Peers, & Apprentices.”

Over the past few days, I’ve been reconnecting with a few of my old highly influential friends. From different parts of the country… these guys are innovative thinkers, epic dreamers, rising legends for sure!

My purpose for reconnecting is pretty obvious. Over the past seven years, I’ve become far to narrowed in my focus… I’ve lost way too much contact with the outside world. This has caused me to lose quite a bit of my FORESIGHT and CREATIVITY.

So, I decided to change this… and what a difference it’s making!

I believe that God places a DIVERSITY of influences in our lives for the purpose of mutual impartation. There are three groups of people we should be connecting with for the enhancement of our future AND theirs. Show me your NETWORK and I will predict your future!

  1. Yoda’s
  2. Fellow Jedi’s
  3. Apprentice Jedi’s

Yoda’s… are those guys and gals who have already achieved the success you’re currently aiming for. Yoda’s provide mentoring, coaching, training, and teaching… so that emerging Jedi’s can ride on their successes at ACCELERATED levels of growth.

Fellow Jedi’s… are the guys and gals who are on similar levels, learning similar things, and experiencing similar degrees of progress and achievement. Just like the proverb, “As Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Fellow Jedi’s ACCELERATED growth through the synergy they create for one another.

Apprentice Jedi’s… are the guys and gals who are just now getting a DREAM. They are raw and unrefined… without table manners, or people skills, or anything else besides a PICTURE OF WHAT CAN BE! Apprentices need Jedi’s just like Jedi’s needs fellow Jedi’s and every Jedi needs a Yoda! Make sense?

Wise Yoda’s and rising Jedi’s pay attention to the words and actions of every apprentice… humility opens the way for them to LEARN from everyone and everything.

In a healthy network of influence, there is a CONTINUAL EXCHANGE OF IMPARTATION… up and down… side to side… down and up! We all need people to run ahead, run beside, and follow along!

Connections have to be NATURAL… they should not be FORCED. Therefore, we should pray about this… and then exercise patience as we CONNECT with the RIGHT people for the SPECIFIC purposes we are DESTINED to carry out!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have any personal stories that might illustrate my thoughts here? Please, interact with each other today… and may this message add tremendous value to your amazing lives!

If you LOVE this blog and want to help expand our influence, please spread the news to your network through twitter, facebook, myspace, email… whatever. We appreciate you passionately introducing us to your AMAZING NETWORK of Yoda’s, Fellow Jedi’s, and Apprentice Jedi’s! Have a super day!

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12 thoughts on “Get Connected: Mentor, Peers, & Apprentices!

  1. WOW!!I agree. In fact, The words you wrote in this blog was spoken to me at 7am this morning by someone else. WOW, So that tells me God is speaking this message to you and to others too.

    My thoughts, yes I totally believe life is about relationships and connecting to other people and just praying daily to let God put us in the path of the people HE wants us to be placed in and to remove the people He wants out of our way.

    God will guide us every step of the way everyday all the time if we pay attention. He gives us people to connect to in life to build relationships with, to establish teams, to accomplish a goal, a dream, a vision or something that will totally change the world and our job is to work along side these people, learn from each others strengths and weaknesses and let God lead us realizing we are all in the same boat rowing in the same direction reaching for the same destination.

    I feel we allow problems to arise when somebody wants to start rowing a different way and change way we are traveling which then slows down the momentum of all the rowers on board. People get confused and think should I row that way? They are not focused on what God said anymore. They are following the one who is leading the new rowing.

    This is why I feel it is the most important thing of all to keep your eyes on Jesus and keep the Main thing the Main thing. Yes, God has appointed Pastors to lead the rowing so to say in my little story here and there is times I do believe too that God calls others to jump ship and get a new boat. Unity is key. We have to row together and follow instruction of our Pastor.

    oh, so sorry here. I got off on a rabbit trail once rowing boats got in my brain. I could delete but if you want to not post it feel free to delete it.

    But my first comment was in the vein and I am totally serious and I will share that whole story with you later. This blog was spoken to me at 7am this morning!!!

  2. Definitely dont want to delete that comment Vickie… OUTSTANDING thoughts!! WOW… really… that is a blog in itself… so INSPIRATIONAL… and the solution to the CONFUSION some people are trying to sift through these days!

    Staying connected while others disconnect… thats a REAL CHALLENGE! People are always aligning and realigning as the plan comes together… and being able to FOCUS in all of this is tough at times. Your message contains a real key for so many people!

    Pretty cool how you received that same kind of message at the very same time I was writing this blog… thanks for sharing! Hope your day is AMAZING!

  3. Hey Pastor,
    Well, Thanks. I felt like I was rambling. I tend to do that so normally I just delete what I write and don't post.

    YES, this is very cool what I received this morning as you were writing and I can't wait to tell you the whole story. I guess I will see you tonight at the ballgame or at prayer meeting.

  4. I have come to a point in my life where more people are disconnecting from my life than connecting, so I just keep on pressing into Jesus more and more. It is hard when people disconnect, but I have to stay focused on Jesus and not those who disconnect. I try to re-connect and stay connected but it is not working. So I give up.

    We are to work together, but what do you do when people just refuse?

    I like your analogy of the 3 groups, but people let their pride get in the way.

  5. Pastor Chuck,

    Thanks for what you do in Vickie's life. I thought she was just my Christopher Robin, always helping me, my friends, and those she never really meets, NOW I see that she is my Yoda! She is pretty amazing. Before I even had a chance to read your blog today I was talking with some old church buddies and telling them about the spiritual connections I feel when I hear you preach/attend your service. Then, out of the clear blue, my Yoda pulls into my drive-way and the talks just get better.


  6. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES!

    This is awesome stuff, Pastor Chuck!

    I remember a professor I had in college, Dr. Swong. He was from Korea, and one day our little graduate class of 4 students asked him to discuss the differences between teacher/student relationships in Korea and the United States. Seeing that we were genuinely interested, he put down the piece of chalk and began to tell us what life was like when he was in Korea, and what school was like. He said (in his Korean/English style): "Here? Everything 'horizontal.' There? Everything more… 'vertical'." And then he went on to describe how the teachers didn't just associate with other teachers, and didn't just "do their job" but actually interacted with the students, like parents with children. He also said that the older students looked out for and cared for the younger students, helping them with their work. It was wonderful hearing him talk about how their ideas about relationship were so different from ours, and he made the point that there was more of a concern for others in the schools in Korea, than there is here.

    Your analogy reminded me of Dr. Swong, and his stories. You've latched on to a neat way to describe the whole process of discipleship. I like it!


  7. Hey Nuala,
    I was reading your post about people disconnecting from you and what do we do when they refuse?

    We let them go. It's their own will and choice and if we can (with God's strength) give up our right to be right (our own pride) then we will find peace in every situation, every dis-connected relationship won't be severed, but just dormant for a season.

    Personally, I believe God places people in our paths for reasons and its up to us to discover and learn and grow in relationships with those people. Maybe a dis-connect is needed for a season too? But like you said pride gets in the way. If we just keep pride out of the way, and allow God to use us to reach the people He directs us to and not allow ourselves to be offended just think of the accomplishments God could work through us!