Life Management: Choosing Better Verbs

Happy Tuesday!

Congratulations to Kristin Via… thanks for commenting on yesterdays blog. I loved reading through the VERBS of YOUR weekend. Very enlightening! Everyone else… you should TRY it… go back to yesterdays blog and do the FUN exercise! Kristin, I’m curious to know what kinds of things you learned about yourself during that ten minutes? Maybe we’re all curious?

I guess what I’m trying to do here… is in a very gently way… lead each of us to trace our recent steps… to DISCOVER what were really up to with our lives.

Yesterdays blog was my version of an old time management assessment exercise. The experts say that in order to cut out non-productivity and cut down the chaos in our lives, we have to TRACE OUR STEPS for a week… and then ANALYZE the data.

In order to do this successfully, there is a demand for HONEST DATA. We have to be willing to LOOK at our lives… not the fantasy versions we describe to our friends and our bosses… but the real deal everyday US… the good bad and the ugly.

This is why I chose a WEEKEND for our exercise… because weekends are SUPPOSED to be our resting days… and we don’t feel like we have anything to PROVE to ourselves or to anyone else when tracing our weekend steps. But still, there is so much to be learned from the VERBS of a weekend, isn’t there?

Jesus described our lives like branches on a tree… branches that needed to be pruned from time to time so they can become MORE FRUITFUL! This means that over time, activities we once deemed as highly productive areas of our lives… they run their course and become sources of pain and death.

We need to be continually on the lookout for these dead places on our branches.

As we analyze the HONEST DATA… we have to demonstrate courage to PRUNE back every FRUITLESS VERB from our months, weeks, days, and HOURS.

Going through this process is a spring cleaning for the SOUL! Once the clutter has been removed, we are poised for NEWNESS! Creativity emerges… growth happens… delicious fruit is gathered and tasted!

More than the personal reward found in this exercise, is the accountability to GOD it creates in our hearts. How accountable are we currently feeling towards God for the VERBS of our lives? What percentage of our time is God ACTUALLY leading the way? On the contrary, what percentage of our days are spent in fruitless activities?

Don’t you think its time to fix up your branch… to ready yourself for the most EFFECTIVE and FRUITFUL season of your life? Me too!

Pruning positions us to rest more effectively, work more effectively, parent more effectively, minister to others more effectively, and live FAR MORE effectively? It all begins with a transparent tracing of your daily steps… an honest recording of your VERBS.

Here we go again… another OPPORTUNITY FOR INTERACTION. Today… re-read yesterdays blog and consider doing the VERY SAME assignment for YESTERDAY (A MONDAY)!

I hope todays blog adds tremendous value to your amazing lives… we love you and we PRAY for you! Please leave your VERBS… and have a super day!

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7 thoughts on “Life Management: Choosing Better Verbs

  1. I kept checking all day like a kid on Christmas… to read a few interesting VERBS from SOMEONE… ANYONE… and the stats were VERY HIGH yesterday… lots of people reading and thinking and ALMOST commenting… and this morning is like waking up on Christmas morning with no gifts under the tree for little Chucky. lol

    Ok… I'm gonna change subjects in todays blog… but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you guys taking ten minutes to do this exercise when you get the time. It's very FUN and very ENLIGHTENING.

    Have a super day!

  2. A list of things I have done this morning:

    1) woke up in pain

    2) prayed

    3) took medicine

    4) laid on the couch

    5) got restless

    6) went back to lay in the bed

    7) woke up

    8) dozed back off

    9) showered

    10) got dressed

    11) ate

    12) played a game

    13) laughed

    14) ate

    15) typed

    16) prayed

    I do believe this summer time I haven't spent as much time in the Word as I did during the school year. I need to work on that. I need to spend a little less time watching Big Brother and more time with God. I find myself talking with God through out the day and just sitting and thinking about things.

    I enjoy writing, but found this exercise hard to do after reading Kristin's work.

    • See what I mean Nuala… we really have no idea what we're acually doing with our lives until we look at the honest data. Here's a thought: now write a NEW LIST OF VERBS… one for each of the ones you mentioned, 16 total.

      I'm talking about making a list of the verbs that COULD HAVE BEEN and SHOULD HAVE BEEN… if you had the perfect morning of course! Do a little dreaming… rewrite your morning… have some FUN and share your findings with the rest of us! (waiting)

  3. New list of verbs

    1) woke up rejuventated

    2) thanked God

    3) read

    4) Praised

    5) Laughed

    6) Sang

    7) Laughed

    8) Thought

    9) Hoped

    10) Smiled

    11) Jumped

    12) organized

    13) cleaned

    14) admired

    15) learned

    16) rested

    17) shared

    18) laughed

    19) prayed

    20) left

    Yesterday was the best day…..I woke up rejuvenated. I thanked God for a restful night. I read His word and praised Him for His truth. I sang along to a song and praised God for his majesty. I laughed to myself about all that God has done in my life. I thought that I am blessed. I hoped today would be very productive and that I would get everything finished up in my classroom. I smiled at Randy as I jumped out of the car to go organize the stuff in my classroom. I got my hand stuck in some glue and cleaned it up and admired how perfect my classroom looked. I learned that I much happier when I help others than just doing things for myself. I rested for a bit after helping a friend. I walked back to my classroom and heard another friend and I opened the door and laughed. Before leaving my classroom I prayed over my new students. I left school feeling accomplished.

    I didn't need to write about the made up day…….it was an awesome day yesterday and I am so looking forward to a restful week next week before the school year starts up!!!

    • WOW!!! What a DIFFERENCE from your first list… WOW! That is so POWERFUL! A different set of verbs changes everything! Thank you so much for following through on this exercise to BENEFIT from it like this! One more time… WOW!