Moments & Memories

Happy Saturday! Vacation is over… we head for home sweet home once the family wakes up. I’m kind of sad… love the beach and love the quality time with my family. The time has gone by so fast and my kids are growing up so fast. I just hope we’re able to continue this tradition […]

Coree-izing Your Life!

Happy Friday! As this afternoon begins the weekend for most of you guys, it begins the ending of our very blessed vacation. I have the best mother and father in laws… our time here on Hatteras Island with them has been something to be cherished… as it is every year! I’m very excited about getting […]

This Developing Tribe

Happy Thursday! Went back to Ocracoke yesterday… all four of us surfed for a few hours… had a blast! Emily was smiling BIG on her new surf board… kept asking me, “Charlie… did you see me on that wave!” Her excitement and her smiley face… priceless!  I wish you guys could have seen the SCHOOLS […]

Rainy Day Adventures!

Happy Tuesday! What a yesterday that was… a rainy day in Ocracoke turned into our best day at the beach so far. We just wouldn’t quit… we were out for memories, refusing to get back on that ferry without them! We ate lunch at some nifty neato pavilion style café… delicious! Found a map of […]

Let’s Break the Comment Record… Today!

Happy Monday! Instead of the inspiration coming from ME today… I’m giving you guys the SPOTLIGHT! Let’s break the comment record on this blog site (something like 25 comments in one day)… EVERY PERSON, take a few minutes and write something INSPIRATIONAL! Please tell us WHERE YOU ARE FROM… and something you’re LEARNING right now!  Ok… […]